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Leicester Square Theatre
Address: 6 Leicester Place, London, WC2H 7BX
Nearest Underground or Train Station: Leicester Square (Northern line, Piccadilly line)
Nearest Buses: 14,19, 22, 24, 29, 38, 40, 176

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What's on at the Leicester Square Theatre?

Frequently Asked Questions

What's on at the Leicester Square Theatre?
Sh!tfaced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet is a current production at the Leicester Square Theatre. The latest booking period for Sh!tfaced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet at the Leicester Square Theatre started 6 July 2022 and runs until 10 September 2022. Tickets for Sh!tfaced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet start at £20 and are available to book now
How do I get to the Leicester Square Theatre?
Public transport is recommended to travel to the Leicester Square Theatre.  The nearest underground or train stations are Leicester Square (Northern line, Piccadilly line). If arriving by bus, then the nearest bus lines are 14,19, 22, 24, 29, 38, 40, 176.  If driving to the theatre, the nearest car parks are Q-ParkChinatown and Q-Park Soho (more parking information).  For directions to the Leicester Square Theatre see our Google Maps directions or Apple Maps directions.
Is there a dress code at the Leicester Square Theatre?
There is no specific dress code at the Leicester Square Theatre, with most people just wearing their everyday clothes.
Does the Leicester Square Theatre have air conditioning or air cooling?
Yes, the Leicester Square Theatre has an Air Conditioning system.
What is the Accessibility at the Leicester Square Theatre?
Leicester Square Theatre accessibility information
Street access: 14 steps from street level to the main foyer
Steps: The Stalls are accessible via 6 steps down from the foyer, which is 14 steps down from street level. The Stairclimber is now out of service. Once inside the auditorium, there are no steps to reach seats and the entire section is level
Lifts.ramps: The theatre has a powered stair climber which can be used to access the Main House, however it does require users to transfer from wheelchair to the climber, and then back to their wheelchair or to a seat once inside the auditorium

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Sh!tfaced Shakespeare: Romeo & Juliet

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