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The VAULT Festival presents six weeks of live entertainment in the tunnels beneath Waterloo.

Now in its second incarnation, The VAULT Festival is held in the labyrinth of tunnels underneath Waterloo.

Running until 8 March 2014, the festival includes a breathtaking range of shows plus free live music and comedy and a series of LATES events.

Headline productions include Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, adapted from the book by Hunter S. Thompson, and The Cement Garden, adapted from the book by Ian McEwan.

Theatre Information: The Vault Festival, Leake Street, Waterloo, London, SE1 8SW


The Cement Garden

David Aula and Jimmy Osborne’s stage adaptation approaches the horror of the story through the innocent eyes of children, and…more

Tickets from £25.00Buy


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Dr Hunter S Thompson’s twisted, madcap adventure to find the heart of the American Dream is staged in this once-in-a-lifetime…more

Tickets from £29.00Buy


The Art of Hearts

After the steaming success of their 2012 Valentines ball, the Artful Badger once again invite you to explore the amorous arts. Secret…more

Tickets from £25.00Buy


BattleActs! is an award-winning late-night comedy party show that has performed to rave reviews around the country. The show sees two teams… more

Tickets from £10.00Buy

Beyond the Thunderdome

Winterwell, acclaimed creators of immersive parties, invites you to join them for a post-apocalyptic party in depths of the tunnels and…more

Tickets from £25.00Buy


A new play which explores the idea of memory, dealing with the past and being open to a future, brought to you by the company behind five… more

Tickets from £10.00Buy

Decomposed Jazz

Decomposed Jazz blends Jazz with Avant Garde contemporary music. These seemingly unconnected styles were both seen as “complicated… more

Tickets from £25.00Buy

Descent: Promenade Shorts

Come with us as we descend into the depths of the Vault, for a journey of new writing discovery. Descent presents four imaginative original… more

Tickets from £9.00Buy

Electronic Lockdown

Taking over the subterranean world of The Vault Festival for one night only, Electronic Lockdown will bring you an eclectic mix of…more

Tickets from £8.00Buy

F***ing Outside the Box

This one-woman comedy drama explores how the hyper-sexualisation of our culture affects young people’s relationships, sex lives and…more

Tickets from £10.00Buy

Fat Tuesday

Live music all night, carnival parade, immersive theatre & costumes. The Big Easy, The City That Care Forgot or simply Nola, what ever… more

Tickets from £14.00Buy

Food for Thought

Through original music & songs of the past revisited, intertwined with moments of storytelling, FOOD FOR THOUGHT aims to be a homage to… more

Tickets from £12.00Buy

For the Trumpets Shall Sound

Ruth is clearing out her Mother’s attic, with the help of her son Jamie, when they make an interesting discovery; a box containing… more

Tickets from £11.00Buy

Foul Play Comedy Night

The best in filthy stand up comedy hand picked by Time Out’s comedy editor. Shocking, edgy and downright naughty this stand up night…more

Tickets from £14.00Buy

House of Blakewell’s House Party

HOUSE OF BLAKEWELL are back, but not as you know them. The award-winning cabaret act attempt to go urban in their brand new, all-singing,… more

Tickets from £13.00Buy

The House of Burlesque

The ladies from the House of Burlesque bring an evening of exhilarating and extravagant entertainment to the VAULT Festival. Hosted by the… more

Tickets from £14.00Buy

In-Finite Space: Part II

A contemporary performance tells the story of the entire universe – and as everybody knows, it all revolves around YOU! Take charge… more

Tickets from £20.00Buy

Lorraine & Alan

Alan. 23. Recent graduate in Marine Biology. (High 2.2.) Son of Blakeney, Norfolk. Bedroom dweller and seal tour guide… more

Tickets from £13.00Buy

Nabokov Arts Club

The nabokov Arts Club returns to celebrate their 5TH BIRTHDAY at VAULT Festival.   … more

Tickets from £17.00Buy

Ones To Watch 2014

Want to be the one at the party who ‘loved that band before they were popular’? OK, so maybe no one wants to be that person,… more

Tickets from £12.00Buy

Painted Faces

Painted Faces, in the multi-disciplinary style of the Chaménos Collective, draws inspiration originally from Lorca’s… more

Tickets from £13.00Buy

The Papier Heart

The Papier Heart brings together live video projections and an awful lot of paper to create an interactive theatrical experience at the…more

Tickets from £12.00Buy


SOLO premiered in July 2013 in an abandoned oil refinery in Athens. Waterloo arches serve as an ideal backdrop, forming a land between life… more

Tickets from £13.00Buy


Theatre meets live gig as 3 of the UK’s hottest and most successful young writers collaborate with the award winning new writing… more

Tickets from £15.00Buy

TangoFugue: Vault Edition

TangoFugue brings together the Fugues of Johann Sebastian Bach and Tangos by Astor Piazzolla, exploring the subtle nuances and explosive… more

Tickets from £25.00Buy

The antiSocial Network

Are you connected? Really connected? Isn’t there a disconnect between you and the people you work with, live with and love’?… more

Tickets from £10.00Buy


Remember when you got through a breakup on an diet of ice-cream and cheese? Remember when you wanted to be an astronaut and part time… more

Tickets from £16.00Buy

The Uncanny Valley

Wilson is trapped. The city leaves him lost between the lines.
Until the moment he discovers Her. 
Eyes light up, connections are made… more

Tickets from £15.00Buy

Wolf Pack

Traditionally classical, contemporary, pop, rock, jazz and folk music occupy separate worlds, divided by ill-defined and constantly… more

Tickets from £12.00Buy


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