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London Zoo

London Zoo has over 16,000 amazing animals to discover. With incredible animal displays and fascinating trails to follow, London Zoo is the perfect family day out.

New features of the Zoo include getting breathtakingly close to a colony of western lowland gorillas in the Gorilla Kingdom exhibit; Clore Rainforest Lookout brings a cross-section of the South American rainforest to the Zoo, including marmosets, tamarins, birds and invertebrates, and visitors can walk along the rainforest canopy before descending to the forest floor; also come face to face with some of the hairiest, scariest, tallest and smallest animals on the planet – right in the heart of the capital, including Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards with toxic saliva, in their new enclosure; plus see the all-new ‘Night Life’ area, where you’ll discover the bats, rats and nocturnal wonders like the Slender Loris, armadillos and Potto who make the dark their home.

The Zoo gets through thirteen tonnes of carrots and four tonnes of eggs every week – but when you have over 16,000 hungry mouths to feed that’s no surprise!

Run by conservation charity the Zoological Society of London, London Zoo features over 600 different species of animals including unusual and endangered species, all set within beautiful gardens and heritage listed buildings all right in the heart of the capital city.

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