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ITV’s Superstar | An interview with Dawn French

Dawn French, a judge on ITV's SUPERSTAR

The judging panel of Superstar includes one of Britain’s best loved comedians, Dawn French.

An interview with Dawn French

Are you excited about your role as a judge on Superstar?
I am far too over excited about my involvement on Superstar. I am counting the days to it, like you do at Christmas when you’re a child.

Have you worked with Andrew before?
No, I haven’t worked with Andrew before. I have actually portrayed him when we did a parody on French and Saunders. I have met him a few times and he is a tiptop gent and I’m looking forward to getting to know him better.

What will you be looking for from the performances each night?
I will be looking out for someone who can blow yer socks off each night on stage. Plenty of people are very good on stage and very few are remarkable or beyond fantastic and I am hoping we will find someone like that.

How can the performers impress you?
Performers can impress me in many ways, but I must remember to keep this professional. I will be on the lookout for confidence, with dollops of humility. And of course a splendid voice and a twenty six-pack – if indeed there is such a thing! If there was, I reckon Jesus would have it.

Will you be the new Simon Cowell?!
NO – I will always be the old Dawn French. I will always look for the positive but I do love Simon and I wish he was my boyfriend.

What kind of person would you like to see win Superstar?
I would like to see an unknown or uncelebrated talent win Superstar. I’d love it to be someone who is grateful, clever and fragrant as ever.

What tips would you give the finalists before they perform on stage?
My tips for the finalists would include; Wear your lucky (clean) pants, breath deep, slow and steady, try not to fall over, face the front, don’t be cocky, don’t wink, don’t attempt to show off skills you don’t have and remember, it’s only telly… live telly…

Can we expect any surprises from you during the live shows?
I don’t have any planned but I’m not averse to a bit of mischief. I’m looking forward to holding my tongue when it comes to bad language. I’m a notoriously rampant swearer and enjoy expletives enormously. I’m trying to use up all my foul language now so that I am severely depleted when it comes to the live telly.

Can you hit the high note in Gethsemane?
Yes I can hit any high note, with the correct and timely application of a vice to my extremities, anything is possible. I sang a very difficult song containing 9 high C’s at The Royal Opera House last year. Oh no, hold on, that wasn’t me, that was Juan Diego Florez, but I was in the same show!

What’s your current favourite programme?
I like Steps; On The Road Again, 56 Up, Long Lost Family, Miranda and anything with a Kardashian in it!

Do you have a favourite musical?
My all time favourite musical is Guys and Dolls but Jesus Christ Superstar is a close second. I can’t understand why I have never been asked to play Nancy in Oliver, it could it be that I can’t sing, but I don’t view that as an obstacle.

Do you have anything else in the pipeline for 2012?
I’m writing a novel that’s out in October, I have a radio project with Jennifer, I’m writing a one-woman show and planning a TV version of my first novel ‘A Tiny Bit Marvellous’ plus more sleeping and kissing.


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