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Binkie Beaumont Centenary

He’s the most famous West End theatre producer you’ve probably never heard of. For over 30 years he dominated what audiences would enjoy in the West End, at one point producing half of the city’s stage shows. This year is the centenary of the birth of Binkie Beaumonth (1908 – 1973). Please find info links below. Richard Huggett’s books would not win any great biography prizes but is full of camp anecdotes and a rich source of information about the great man and so proves entertaining and invaluable.


Wikipedia – Binkie Beaumont

The Theatre Archive Blog – Binkie Beaumont

Obituary: Vivienne Byerley, Independent, The (London), Apr 6, 1995 by Kitty Black


Binkie Beaumont: Eminence Grise of the West End Theatre by Richard Huggett (Author)

Upper Circle,a theatrical chronicle by Kitty Black
Responsible Gentleman, Robert Morley and Sewell Stokes


National Portrait Gallery – by Angus McBean

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