Mitchell Hunt & Tom Berkeley

Casting announced for The Tailor-Made Man

Mitchell Hunt and Tom Berkeley will star in the 25th anniversay production of The Tailor-Made Man at London’s White Bear Theatre

Based on the true story of William “Billy” Haines, a Hollywood heart throb whose acting career was destroyed by the all powerful studio system because he refused to give up his gay lover and marry silent screen vamp Pola Negri. Such was the fury of studio boss Louis B Mayer, his films were removed from release and sealed in the MGM vaults never to be seen again, and his studio photographs destroyed.

Mr Selfridge & Hollyoaks actor Mitchell Hunt will play William “Billy” Haines with Tom Berkeley playing his lover Jimmie Shields.

Playwright Claudio Macor said: “Thirty years ago a friend gave me a copy of Kenneth Anger’s book Hollywood Babylon. As I was reading the various Hollywood scandals Kenneth Anger so vividly described I came across “The White Legion and the Purple Poodle” and discovered the story of William “Billy” Haines and Jimmie Shields.

Unusually, William “Billy” Haines story is a happy one as he re-invented himself as an interior designer to the stars and enjoyed a happy and succesful 50 year partnership with his lover Jimmie Shields. Unfortunately his treatment by the system has played a huge part in preventing movie stars from coming out to this very day.

Directed by Bryan Hodgson, The Tailor-Made Man will run from 7 November 2017 until 25 November 2017 at the White Bear Theatre.

📷 Main photo: Mitchell Hunt & Tom Berkeley

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