Andrew Lloyd Webber & key art for Starlight Express

Andrew Lloyd Webber to refresh Starlight Express

Andrew Lloyd Webber and members of the original creative team are set to update Starlight Express later this year.

Lloyd Webber and the team will work on the score and lyrics of the musical ahead of a concert-stye workshop production at Lloyd Webber’s newest venue The Other Palace Theatre in September.

Whilst in production the creative team will continue to work on the show incorporating audience reaction and feedback.

Starlight Express is a rock musical about a child’s train set that magically comes to life and the trains compete to become the fastest in the world. The actors famously wore roller-skates.

Starlight Express opened in the West End in 1984, running for 7,406 performances at the Apollo Victoria Theatre. The show currently holds the title of 7th longest running musical and 9th longest running production in the history of London’s West End.

The production continues to run in a purpose built venue in Bochum Germany, where it will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year.

Starlight Express will run from 14 September until 16 September 2017 at The Other Palace Theatre.

Starlight Express

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11 thoughts on “Andrew Lloyd Webber to refresh Starlight Express”

  1. Caroline Megretton

    Starlight Express the best musical ever written. Please bring it back for another 20 yrs so we can all take our grandchildren to see it 😀

  2. Yes yes yes..please bring Starlight back. Saw it 3 times in London and would so love to see it again.

  3. I just agree with everyone here, please bring Starlight Express back! When my parents came home after a trip to London they bought me the LP and I was amazed from the very start. I couldnt see it myself until 2005 when the show came to my country, of course I went with my parents! After the show, I was so excited, I had goosebumps all over my arms and tears in my eyes. I told my parents about how I felt and my experience of the show, they said they were a bit disappointed since it was nothing compared to the show in London! Since then I have dreamed about a new set up in London, so I can take my own kids to watch the greatest musical of them all in my opinion <3

  4. Name (required) Angela Allison

    Please please please will you bring Starlight Express back to this country, I’ve lost count how many times we’ve seen it and would be so happy to see it again with the grandchildren now.

    1. ANDREW Stephenson

      I love the soundtrack to this musical and for me is some of Sir Lloyd Webber greatest work and would love the opportunity to see it live with my kids .

  5. Natalie Seabourne

    Will starlight express be coming back to the uk anytime soon, remember watching it numerous times when growing up and loved it one of my favourite musicals,
    I have a little boy now 6 who loves trains I’ve shown him clips of the show off YouTube and would love it if I could take him to see it.

  6. Samantha Bourner

    This is one of my best memories of my theatre trips with my Dad. I’d love my little boy to experience this production. He’s train mad and would adore this. Please bring it back to the UK!

  7. Cynthia Scanlan

    Please please bring out a revival of star light express saw it numerous times when it opened with Stephanie Lawrence as my son was 8 years old when it opened and it was his birthday treat but then his birthday came every couple of months he is 42 and still raves on about it ,we saw it on tour in Cardiff whilst it was there nut nothing like the London production please Sir Andrew make this old age pensioner very happy if not can I have a DVD hoping in anticipation xxx

  8. Would love to see this musical again, our four year old grandaughter would love it. Please let me know if it is in the UK soon.

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