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Photos of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare’s Globe

Production photos of Julius Caesar at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar is now playing at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre on the Southbank until 11 October 2014.

Artistic Director of Shakespeare’s Globe Dominic Dromgoole directs a cast that includes George Irving (Julius Caesar), Joe Jameson (Octavius Caesar), Luke Thompson (Mark Antony), with Catherine Bailey (Portia), Sam Cox (Marullus/Caius Ligarius), Patrick Driver (Lepidus/Cinna), Anthony Howell (Cassius), Christopher Logan (Casca), Tom Kanji (Soothsayer), William Mannering (Metellus Cimber/Cinna the Poet), Tom McKay (Brutus), Keith Ramsay (Lucius/Young Cato), Paul Rider (Messala/Cicero), Katy Stephens (Calphumia) and Dickon Tyrrell (Decius Brutus/Lucilius).

Julius Caesar - Shakespeare's Globe 2014

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Julius Caesar - Shakespeare's Globe 2014. Photo: Roy Tan

Photos by Roy Tan

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