OUT OF THE SHOW: Niall Sheehy | ITV Superstar

Name: Niall Sheehy

Age: 31

Occupation: Actor

From: County Wicklow, Ireland

Niall was voted out of the show on Thursday 19 July 2012.

Niall Sheehy | ITV Superstar
Niall Sheehy | ITV Superstar

Niall was always singing and entertaining in the family home and entered his first vocal competition at the age of 7. In 2007 Niall auditioned for the TV show Any Dream Will Do. David Grindrod told him to go away and get some training. So, aged 26, Niall went to Mount View College in London

Big Break

He auditioned for Wicked three times before he was given the opportunity to cover the main male lead.

Role Call

Niall got a role in the UK tour of Spamalot until he saw the advert for Superstar. On getting through the first round, Niall decided to take a gamble and leave the tour.

Off Stage

Whilst he was studying in London he worked in various bars as it was proving difficult to break into the industry.

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6 thoughts on “OUT OF THE SHOW: Niall Sheehy | ITV Superstar”

  1. You should never argue with the judges, they are the ones listening to you, of course you are going to disagree with negative remarks because inside you think you are the best. Always be gracious, and always accept constructive criticism without argument, after all if they tell you these things then you can go off and improve on them. Rory is tops and you hadn’t a chance against him. You are 31 years old I think, for god sake, if Andrew offers you something in the West End, you got to learn to accept constructive criticism. I cringed at your comments tonight… immature and disrespectful, no wonder he didn’t have to consider who was to leave.

    1. I completely disagree with you. Rory is average at best. Niall is ill and he ACTED his song. People are forgetting that this isn’t a singing competition. Tuning issues can be smoothed out with rehearsal. Acting can only be taught to a point- you need raw talent to be really good. I personally don’t think Rory is “tops”. You’re right he is 31 years old. So he should stop standing up for himself? I truly dread the day I don’t stand up for what I think is right. Your comment implies that what Niall said caused his departure? The poor boy never stood a chance because Andrew knew from the moment he picked his top eleven who he wanted to be Jesus. Why do you think John got put into the live shows last minute?

  2. Ah Niall, so sad to see you go out of superstar … but can’t wait to see you as Marius in Les Mis!!! You are truly a star!

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