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OUT OF THE SHOW: Rory Taylor | ITV Superstar

Name: Rory Taylor

Age: 24

Occupation: Singer in a band

From: The Wirral

Rory was voted off the show on Wednesday 25 July.

From a young age Rory remembers listening to Elton John, Queen and Genesis cassettes in his parent’s car. He went on to form a string of bands with his three brothers.

Rory Taylor | ITV Superstar
Rory Taylor | ITV Superstar

Big Break

Rory is the lead singer in a band called 54321. He sings with his cousin and three brothers. They are a resident band at The Cavern Club in Liverpool where they perform every Sunday.

Role Call

Rory also joined a theatre group and was cast in lead roles including the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz and Seymour in Little Shop Of Horrors.

Off Stage

54321 are unsigned, so record and produce all of their own music in their self-built studio in their parent’s back garden.


3 thoughts on “OUT OF THE SHOW: Rory Taylor | ITV Superstar”

  1. Rory you are fantastic and you remind me of Brian Adams. I really think you will be a big star, if not then something is wrong. I don’t think you are right for Jesus, but my god, you are a superstar. Sexy up a bit

  2. Rory is one of my favourites, but even though the show is to find Jesus, I think Rory should take Jason’s advice and sexy up a bit…. we really want to see a bit of hip movement and a bit of chest. Get us girls on your side Rory and you will win the show, sexy up to get our votes 😉

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