ITV’s Superstar | An interview with Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan, a judge on ITV's SUPERSTAR

The judging panel of Superstar includes pop and musicals star Jason Donovan.

An interview with Jason Donovan

Are you excited about your role on Superstar?
I am really excited about my role on Superstar, it’s a fantastic new experience for me to be on the other side of a production and also because I’ve experienced what the contestants are going through. I know how they’re feeling and how to offer advice; it’s a great opportunity to share my experiences with them.

How has the standard been for talent?
We have seen a very high level of talent throughout the audition process from all different walks of life, all of which have different interpretations of the part of Jesus. The bar is very high and I feel honoured to be in the room with these individuals who are willing to put their souls out there and take risks.

What are you looking for?
The role of Jesus is a huge responsibility and a very demanding part. Jesus is on stage from the beginning to the end of the show so the part requires stamina as well as conviction and emotion – to embody this role they really need to give 100% and be prepared to take some creative risks and surrender their souls in a way. It’s a huge challenge and if that person gets it right, it could be a life changing moment.

How was it working so closely with Melanie C during the early stages?
Melanie is great. I’ve really enjoyed working with her and we’ve had a real laugh together throughout the audition stages. I’m delighted she has the part of Mary Magdalene; she is very talented and will bring something completely unique to the role.

You’re a judge with Andrew and Dawn for the live shows – how do you feel about that?
I’ve worked with and known Andrew for a very long time and feel thrilled and privileged to have been asked to join him and Dawn on the judging panel. I think it’s a really special team and I really can’t wait for the live shows to begin!

What kind of person would you like to see win Superstar?
Obviously I think the winner will need to have a great voice, huge charisma and versatility but we are not necessarily looking for your classic musical star. We are looking for someone unique and someone who has that certain magic. When they walk on a stage you cannot take your eyes off them, magnetic is the word. This individual needs to have an edge, Rock n Roll rather than West End. The winners’ first on stage performance will be to an arena of 10,000 people. That is a big space to fill, just think of that!

Have you given the finalists tips on working with Andrew?
Like all hugely talented people, Andrew is looking for someone who has the ability to make his creation come to life, someone who is willing to work hard, take risks and embody the role from beginning to end. A Superstar!!

Tell us a secret from filming so far?
Just lots of laughs with Melanie really, watching the process unfold and observing the process from a different angle. It’s a great honour to be part of such a talented team. The trip to Mallorca was a lot of fun… staying at Andrews house was quite incredible.

Amanda Holden is the host – have you worked with her before?
I haven’t worked directly with Amanda before but our paths have crossed many times and I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her over the next few months.


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