Betrayal starring Kristin Scott-Thomas – Round-up of Reviews

A round-up of reviews of Betrayal at the Comedy Theatre starring Kristin Scott-Thomas.

Kristin Scott-Thomas and Ben Miles in Betrayal
Kristin Scott-Thomas and Ben Miles in Betrayal

Ian Rickson’s new production of Harold Pinter’s Betrayal stars Kristin Scott Thomas, Douglas Henshall and Ben Miles, at the Comedy Theatre until 20 August 2011.

Over a period of nine years, Pinter’s play shows the high price of passion and the damage inflicted by desire, exploring how our loves and our losses echo and accumulate through time.

See a round-up of Betrayal reviews, below.


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Average rating score for this production


“Those who know the play well will find new meanings in this revival; and those who don't will be ushered into a world where pain and loss are explored with poetic precision.”

“The play’s mixture of wit and emotional truth never stales and Rickson’s production is the finest I have seen of Pinter’s masterpiece."

“What this revival establishes with matchless force is the controlling dominance of the husband Robert, played with a toying sadism by the excellent Ben Miles whose intimidating air of the mannered, intellectual bruiser keeps putting you in mind of Pinter himself.A haunting performance in a terrific revival.”

“As vulnerable Emma, the art gallery manager whose affections are divided between her brusque husband and her comparatively delicate lover, Kristin Scott Thomas thrills. She has to impel the action - and does so handsomely. Her features are one moment a painfully tight mask and the next a pageant of perfectly judged expressiveness.”

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