Ghost The Musical – Round-up of Reviews

Reviews round-up of Ghost the Musical, which opened at the Piccadilly Theatre in London on 19 July 2011.

Ghost The Musical
Ghost The Musical

The hype surrounding the latest blockbuster stage show to draw inspiration from classic 80’s and 90’s movies has been intense, as a major new production of Ghost The Musical – based on the 1990 movie, hits the West End.

With a heavy-weight creative team behind the show, including Dave Stewart of Eurythmics penning the music and award-winning director Matthew Warchus helming the production, did the critics hunger for its touch, or did time go by oh so slowly?!

Check out our reviews round-up, below, including the Evening Standard, Guardian, Independent, Telegraph and Daily Mail.


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The Guardian

"the real stars of Matthew Warchus's production are Rob Howell's sets and Jon Driscoll's video designs, which graphically recreate the kaleidoscopic frenzy of Manhattan life. This is a musical in which the eyes emphatically have it."

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The Daily Telegraph

"As the lovers separated by death, Richard Fleeshman and Caissie Levy need to ignite a touch more stage chemistry, and could usefully turn down the volume during the strident ballads.... This may not be a great musical, but it is a highly entertaining one."

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The Independent

"I'm afraid that my belief in this show as a bona fide piece of musical theatre had given up the ghost some time before Molly has to."

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The Sun

"Admittedly, some of the song lyrics are a bit cheesy - but so was the film's script. This show is for anyone who sobbed through the original. Despite all the tears, Ghost The Musical is sure to raise your spirits."

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Daily Mail

"Worth going to? Richard Dawkins and his crowd will hate it, but I’d say yes – provided that a) you take some cotton wool, and b) you are not expecting anything too subtle or classical."

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Evening Standard

"The show suffers from following the film too closely. Although its fidelity to the visuals of the original is at times spectacular, the music adds no great poignancy, and its sentimentality feels exaggerated and synthetic... [the] technical wizardry, allied to the appeal of the leads, may just be enough to make Ghost: The Musical an unearthly hit."

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The New York Times
"It all feels about as substantial as the swirling smoke it uses so abundantly. I diverted myself by trying to track said smoke’s points of emanation from the floor of the stage. That’s how engaged I was."
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6 thoughts on “Ghost The Musical – Round-up of Reviews”

  1. I saw the production last week in London and loved it. I am glad it is true to the film as the film was lovely too.

    Sharon D Clarke stole the show as far as I am concerned, she was brilliant in the Whoopi Goldberg role.

    The special effects were very clever and made the show even more entertaining to watch, especially the tube scenes.

    I would watch it again if it wasn’t so expensive, shame London theatre’s charge so much.

  2. I have been to see a few musicals in London.This one is definitely for the girls. I found some of the vocals left a lot to be desired.Not my cup of tea im afraid,but still my wife enjoyed it as did most of the females in the theatre.To all you chaps out there who are not lovies, let your other half go in a girly party

  3. Having watched a preview of the new musical ‘Ghost’ I am left with the thought that had I wanted to see a video backdrop I would have gone to see a concert. The show heavily relies on video projected back drops to set the scenes and, although these projections have progressed a long way from the ‘Woman in White’ and were not as bad as I had anticipated, they still give the feeling of a cheap production.

    The magic and special effects are really nothing that we haven’t seen before and may well be missed if you are not sitting within the front ten rows.. The scene where the villain, Willie Lopez, is dragged away to the underworld works well but has already been done before on a more impressive scale at the end of Beauty and the Beast. There we saw the Beast tumble around and even have a change of clothes whilst being transformed into the Prince. We have to wait to the end of the show to see what is probably the best of the special effects when the ghost of Sam, the lead character played by Richard Fleeschman, is seen walking away from this world to the hereafter. However if I had been the producer I would have finished with just one ‘goodbye’ rather than have him return and disappear for a second time.

    Having paid full price for a preview ticket I really would have expected perfect vocals. However, may be it is my ears that are not working too well, but I am sure that the opening note from Mollie, played by Cassie Levy the lead actress, was out of tune. The character of Sam, appeared too angry and shouted his way through the songs. Standout performance came from Sharon D Clarke who plays Oda Mae Brown. Even so I found some of her songs to be unnecessary and added purely to extend the role. After all this is Ghost the musical and we have to provide more songs for everyone. Generally speaking I found the music and songs unmemorable. There was a forceful tap dance from the hospital ghost but really this showed the choreographer to be the star of the show.

    If I am honest I have to dig deep to find anything good to say about this show. If you like the lead performers you may well be more drawn into this story. For the price I am paying I have to ask the question, ‘Should I settle with a show that is just OK ?’ However, having said this, I am sure that the show will be a hit with younger theatre goers which will be its saving grace

  4. I saw the West End version of ‘Ghost’ on the 8th July, along with my wife.
    It was an anniversary gift. We were both delighted with it.
    The story was followed closely (missed the cat though) and the death illusion effects were spot on. (in fact much better that the film). You blinked and suddenly there was a Body and a Spirit on stage! Great!!
    The moving backdrop certainly had the audience experiencing everything it portrayed. From the streets to the subway. Well done again.
    It was an entertaining and moving experience which we shall probably repeat. It has already made me watch the movie again.
    Sam, Molly, Ode Mae, Carl, Willy and the ghosts were all excellent and well cast as were the rest of the team.
    One drawback, Molly was a little loud on some songs where it wasn’t necessary but overall I think it is safe to say this show is going to run and run!!!!!


    I viewed the show together with Judi Dench,who sat between me and Bruce Joel Rubin, the writer and I would have to agree with Judi that the show was ‘spectacular’ and she will be returning to see it again with daughter Finty. I sometimes wonder where critics leave their hearts when going to the theatre!! The public often has a better sense of what makes a show exceptional-it gave it a rousing standing ovation-most deservedly!!peter silverman

  6. Saw ghost in Manchester with my 24 year old daughter who had never seen the film!. We thought it was fantastic. She loved it so much she went again three weeks later and is now booking to see it a third time in September.
    Have read all the so called theatre critic reviews which would have you believe apart from the Telegraph and the Sun that this was very average show and nothing special.
    For a feel of what the show is like look at real revierws from the public.

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