Full line up announced for Bitesize Festival at Riverside Studios

The full line up of Riverside Studios’ Bitesize Festival has been announced with four new shows revealed as part of the Summer programme.

The final shows in the line-up of the festival are How My Light Is Spent directed by Tobias Millard, and a devised piece by Helen Iskander Welcome! Bitesize then sees the return of duo Ivantiy Novak and Mohit Mathur with Vrag following their production of Samaadhi in the first festival. The final show in the line-up sees immersive interrogation with Boris Live.

Kicking off the Festival is the previously announced Impromptu Shakespeare, who perform a ‘new’ Shakespeare play every night, with story and verse improvised in the moment; and Angels’ Wings Theatre Company’s A Plague on All Your Houses, a rip-roaring ride through the plagues of history. Also in the line-up is dark comedy Moral Panic by Blue Dog Theatre, exploring horror film hysteria in 1984, contrasting with Really Big Pants Theatre’s Clare and Cory Share a (Glorious) Story – a gentle show for younger children, written entirely in rhyme. DuckTape’s Bad Sex is a character study of a lost boy trying to piece his life together, plunging us deep inside the mind of a young actor after a very public meltdown. Belly Button’s The Man Who Lives Under the Bed is a semi-autobiographical, high-energy performance of comedy, dance, poetry, and music; while Boorish Trumpson is an interactive, music and clowning-filled interrogation of power, from critically acclaimed clown Claire Parry.

Tickets are on sale.

👤 📅16 June 2022

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