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People to Watch: Interview with Tom Lorcan, star of Billy Elliot catches up with uber-talented young actor Tom Lorcan, who is currently playing Billy’s brother Tony in Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London.

Tom Lorcan
Tom Lorcan

What was your first professional theatre experience?

I watched a play at the West Yorkshire Playhouse called Dealers Choice when I was about 16 with my Dad. It was the first time I had been to the theatre because I wasn’t really interested as I was growing up. I’ve still got the programme.

If someone could only see one musical or play before they die, what should it be?

Well, I would have to say Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre of course…! But other than that I would say War Horse would be a good choice. It’s really something special and ticks all the boxes.

What’s your favourite West End theatre and why?

I love the Prince Edward Theatre. I was in the original Jersey Boys cast and made some life-long friends on that job. I’ve got loads of happy memories from the place.

What would be your profession if you hadn’t chosen the theatre and entertainment industry?

I wanted to play for Leeds United but I was just never good enough. And for a little while I thought about being a journalist. I found my way into acting quite lazily because I couldn’t think of anything else to do!

Tom Lorcan as Tony (right) and Martin Marquez as Dad in Billy Elliot. Photo: Alistair Muir
Tom Lorcan as Tony (right) and Martin Marquez as Dad in Billy Elliot. Photo: Alistair Muir

What dream acting job would make you feel like you’d made it to the very top?

I don’t really define success by how big the job or the role is. My goal is just to keep working and to have as varied and interesting a career as I can. I wouldn’t say no to a season or two at the RSC though… but I’m happy as long as I’m busy.

Which do you love best? The first day of rehearsals, the first night of the show or the last night?

Definitely the first night… You work so hard in rehearsal for weeks and weeks to create something for an audience, and then suddenly you are on stage and they are sat there watching you, and you are filled with nerves and adrenaline, and it all goes by in a flash and you are taking a bow. It’s a blur but it’s an amazing feeling.

What’s your favourite iPhone app?

At the moment it’s a close call between the game Flight Control or my Twitter App – I’ve become addicted to both recently.

What do you think is the secret to Billy Elliot the Musical’s success around the world?

We all have a fantasy of achieving our dreams as we grow up, and Billy is a boy who battles against the odds whilst surrounded by such a tragic and desperate situation. It’s a show full of heart and it tells people that they can succeed no matter what their background. Anyone can relate to it.

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  1. Ive seen the show a cluope of weeks ago and I think that most of the actors listed here have changed, but Billy Elliot Musical was great Im planning to see and next;)

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