Data: Women Playwrights in the West End: 1917 – 1929

Table listing plays by women on the London stage from 1917 – 1929. Taken from West End Women: Women and the London stage 1918 – 1962 by Maggie B Gale. Posted with permission.


Play titleAuthorTheatreDatesNo. of performances
SheilaG. SowerbtSt. James’07.06.1917 – 28.06.191719
Their MothersEvelyn GloverGlobe26.06.19171
BilletedF. Tennyson-Jesse and H.M. HarwoodRoyalty21.08.1917 – 23.08.1918240
Wild HeatherDorothy BrandonStrand25.10.1917 – 05.01.191879
Yvette’s DilemmaJuliette MyloCourt07.02.19181
Pauv’ YvetteJuliette MyloCourt07.02.19181
PaulinaMarion McCarthyCourt07.02.19181
Signs of the TimesMrs D.F.C HardingCourt07.02.19181
RosmaryElsie FogartyCourt11.03.1918 – 14.03.19184 mat.
Mrs Riggles Makes a MatchElsie FogartyCourt15.03.19181 mat.
Betty at BayJessie PorterStrand09.04.1918 – 18.05.191853
The Last MatchGeorgina HamiltonWyndhams’02.04.19181
DawkinsMrs GreenawayShaftesbury19.04.19181 mat.
Princess Suri SamaErica BealeShaftesbury19.04.19181 mat.
Lot 79Rida J. YoungQueen’s20.04.1918 – 04.05.191817
Soldier BoyRida J. YoungApollo26.06.1918 – 22.03.1919374
The Chinese PuzzleMarian BowerNew11.07.1918 – 11.07.1919415
The Great MomentGwen LallySt. James’03.12.19181
Time to Wake UpEvelyn GloverNew11.04.19192
The Honourable GertrudeHenry Seton’ Vera BeringerCourt13.05.19191
The Altar of LibertyMarion Bower and Leon M. LionNew13.05.19191
The StormOdette TcherningAmbassadors05.06.1919 – 12.06.19192 mat.
Has Little WidowsRida J. YoungWyndhams’16.06.1919 – 21.08.1919172
Has Little WidowsRida J. YoungGarrick04.08.1919 – 11.11.1919
Riding for a FallMrs HardyCourt14.07.19191 mat.
Dr James BarryOldga Racster and Jessica GroveSt. James’22.07.19191 mat.
Little Women (adapt.)Marion de ForestNew10.11.1919 – 13.12.191935
The Young Person in PinkGertrude JenningsPrince of Wales’10.02.19201 mat.
The Young Person in PinkGertrude JenningsHaymarket29.03.1920 – 17.04.1920208
The Young Visitors (adpt. From Daisy Ashford 1919)Mrs George Norman and Margaret MacKenzieCourt24.02.1920 – 24.05.1920104
The MagnetGaston Gervex’ (Mrs Montague Fowler)Ambassadors20.02.19201 mat.
According to the EvidenceMrs D.F.C Harding and Bibsie LeveuxAmbassadors26.03.19201 mat.
The Polar PostHo. Mary Augusta PakingtonAmbassadors24.02.19201 mat.
The Higher CourtMargaret M. YoungStrand11.04.19201
Husbands for AllGertrude JenningsLittle06.05.1920 – 22.05.192018
Why Mary?Jesse Lynch WilliamsComdey12.05.1920 – 05.06.192029
For Husbands OnlyG.B. Stern and Mrs D.F.C. HardingAmbassadors04.06.19201 mat.
The Moon Went Behind a CloudUrsula KeeneAmbassadors04.06.19201 mat.
The AdvocateBeatrice Heron-MaxwellCriterion07.06.19201 mat.
The Lonely WifeNita FaydonComdey05.07.19201 mat.
The Lonely LadyNita FaydonDuke of York’s24.01.1921 – 05.02.192116
Brown SugarLady Arthur Lever*Duke of York’s / Garrick07.07.1920 – 09.02.1921265
Daughters of EveRita’ (Mrs D. Humphreys)St. James’13.07.19201 mat.
Precilla and the ProfligateLaura WildigDuke of York’s13.10.1920 – 14.12.192064
The Fair and the BraveCicely HamiltonKingsway29.10.19201 mat.
Love TokensMay AldingtonQueen’s29.10.19201 mat.
AdoptionXenia LowinskyAmbassadors16.12.19201 mat.
For Her SakeMarion CroftonAmbassadors16.12.19201 mat.
Where the Rainbow EndsMrs Clifford MillsApollo23.12.1920 – 22.01.192126 mat.
Where the Rainbow EndsMrs Clifford MillsApollo22.12.1921 – 28.01.192236
DanielSybil HarrisSt. James’15.01.1921 – 26.02.192145
The Five WishesLaura LeycesterAmbassadors27.01.19211 mat.
No WinklesOlive GreenawaySavoy11.02.19211 mat.
Kynaston’s WifeWinifred DolanShaftesbury28.02.19211 mat.
Bill of DivorcementClemence DanceSt. Martin’s14.03.1921 – 04.03.1922402
Nightie NightMartha Stanley and Adelaide MathewsQueen’s22.03.1921 – 23.04.192173
The ChemistBlanche WeinerLittle20.03.1921 – 25.05.1921104
Love Among the PaintpotsGertrude JenningsAldwych30.04.1921- 02.07.192173
Reggie ReformsIrena Bubna and Edgar CamilleEveryman02.05.1921 – 07.05.19217
The BlastIrena Bubna and Edgar CamilleEveryman02.05.1921 – 07.05.19217
The GoatDorothy MassinghamKingsway27.05.19211 mat.
TipperaryHonor M. PulleyKingsway27.05.19211 mat.
Mother of PearlGertrude JenningsWinter Garden30.05.19211 mat.
Rising of the MoonLady GregoryCourt10.06.19211 mat.
The Cinema LadyNancy and Jean RiouxRoyalty14.06.1921 – 16.06.19214
The ToastIrena Bubna and Edgar CamilleEveryman02.05.1921 – 07.05.19217
Who PaysMargaret PedlerComedy26.06.19211
The Doctor of Dreams (Freudian c 3a)Michale Orme’ (Alix Augusta Grein)Prince of Wales’13.07.19211 mat.
The Legion of HonourBaroness Emmusea OrczyAldwych24.08.1921 – 10.09.192121
The Hotel MouseFryn Tennyson-Jesse and Harold HarwoodQueen’s06.10.1921 – 05.11.192136
The Child in FlandersCicely HamiltonLyric07.11.19211 mat.
Wolf! Wolf!Mrs Leo MyersPalace15.11.19211
VirginiaMrs Clifford MillsPalace15.11.19211
Pierrot’s WellcomeConstance Smedley (Mrs Armfield)Palace15.11.19211
Will ShakespeareClemence DanceSt. Martin’s17.11.1921 – 07.01.192262
Clothes and the WomanGeorge Pabton’ (Emily Morse Symonds)Ambassadors07.12.1921 – 28.01.192266
Me and My DiaryGertrude JenningsStrand19.01.1922 – 18.02.192237
Money Doesn’t MatterGeorge Pabton’ (Emily Morse Symonds)Aldwych21.01.1922 – 11.03.192246
Lady Larcombe’s LapseMrs Jessie PorterKingsway15.02.19221
Some detectiveHarvey J. Higgins and Harriet FordEmpire16.07.1921 – 06.08.192125
The Cone of BeyondKay Horniman and Ruby MillerGarrick09.08.1921 – 14.01.1922192
Araminta ArrivesK.Smith and Dorothy BrandonComedy11.101.1921 – 12.11.192139
Enter MadamGilda Varesi and Dolly ByrneRoyalty15.02.1922 – 01.04.192253
The Rise of Silas LaphamLillian Keal SabineLyric20.02.1922 – 24.02.19222
Me and My DiaryGertrude JenningsAldwych22.02.1922 – 11.03.192222
In Nelson’s DaysMrs Clifford MillsShaftesbury11.03.1922 – 14.03.19223
Elegant EdwardGertrude Jennings and C. BoultonPalace17.03.19221 mat.
Hyacinth HalveyLady Augusta Gregory*Ambassadors / Aldwych18.03.1922 – 07.04.192224
Nightie NightMartha Stanley and Adelaide MathewsShaftesbury18.03.1922 – 01.04.192217
When Eyes Are OpenedMrs St. Clair StobartKingsway24.03.19221 mat.
Slings and ArrowsBetty BowerKingsway24.03.19221 mat.
Pride and PrejudiceEileen H. A. Squire and J. C. SquirePalace24.03.19221 mat.
Washe AshoreDorothy MassinghamKingsway02.04.19221 mat.
The Girl and the CityBeatrice MayorKingsway02.04.19221 mat.
Thirty Minutes in a StreetBeatrice MayorKingsway02.04.19221 mat.
The BatMary Roberts Rinehart and Avery HopwoodKingsway21.02.1922 – 04.11.1922327
Lass O’LaughterEdith Carter and Nan Marriott-WatsonQueen’s29.04.1922 – 12.08.1922121
Life’s A GameMichale Orme’ (Alix Augusta Grein)Kingsway18.05.1922 – 26.05.19226 mat.
The Green CordMarion Bower and L. EllisRoyalty02.06.1922 – 16.09.1922122
QuarintineF. Tennyson-JesseComedy06.06.1922 – 02.09.1922102
The Stop-GapFlorence N. M. AtackAldwych07.06.19221
Elegant EdwardGertrude Jennings and C. BoultonDaly’s09.06.19221 mat.
The Way of and EagleEthel M. DellAdelphi20.06.1922 – 30.09.1922150
Concerning Mary DewhirstFlorence Marriot-Watson and Grace EdwinSavoy28.06.19221 mat.
Suppressed desiresGeorge Cram Cook and Susan GlaspellEveryman17.07.1922 – 22.02.19227
SecretsMay Edington and Rudolf BeiserComedy07.09.1922 – 28.07.1922373
The Scandal (adpt. Of M. Bataille, ‘Le Scandale’ 1909)Lady Bell (Mrs Hugh Bell)New19.09.1922 – 25.11.192777
Little LoversEsme Wynne-TysonAldwych22.10.19221
BiffyVera Beringer (‘Henry Seton’) and William RayGarrick28.11.1922 – 03.02.192391
When Knights Were BoldHarriet Jay (‘Charles Marlow’)Court26.12.1922 – 27.01.192331
Via Crucis (adpt. Hugo V. Hofmannstal, ‘Jedermann’ 1911)Hon Sybil Amherst and Dr C. E. WheelerGarrick05.02.1923 – 22.02.192321
Good Gracious! AnnabelleClaire Beecher KemmerDuke of York’s14.02.1923 – 27.02.192315
Lavender LadiesDaisy FisherStrand25.02.19231
The AlternativeLucy Wilson and Adrian AlingtonEveryman12.03.1923 – 24.03.192314
The InevitableIsabel JaySt. James’21.03.1923 – 16.06.1923101
Beltane NightVera Beringer (‘Henry Seton’)Aldwych23.03.19231
Isabel, Edward and AnneGertrude JenningsHaymarket31.03.1923 – 16.06.1923101
The First StileElsie HayesKingsway24.04.19231
The Voice OutsideGertrude JenningsGlobe28.04.1923 – 16.06.192358
South WindIsabel C. Tippet and N. DouglasKingsway29.04.1923 – 30.04.19232
The OutsiderDorothy BrandonSt. James’31.05.1923 – 01.09.1923107
The ProofPhyllis BirkettVaudeville21.05.19231 mat.
Come Through a Cranford DoorIrene Ross and Frank LindNew10.07.19231 mat.
The Young Person in PinkGertrude JenningsAdelphi13.07.1923 – 25.08.192398
Tancred (from Disraeli’s novel of 1847)Edith MilbankKingsway16.07.1923 – 28.07.192314
Trust EmilyMay EdingtonCriterion10.10.1923 – 27.10.192321
FledglingsMarguerite ReaSt. Martin’s01.11.1923 – 14.11.19236 mat.
Our OstrichesDr Marie StopesCourt14.11.1923 – 02.02.192491
The Morals of VandaHazel May MarshallEveryman29.11.1923 – 15.12.192318
The Rising GenerationWyn Weaver and Laura LeycesterShaftesbury03.12.1923 – 05.04.1924235
When Knights Were BoldHarriet Jay (‘Charles Marlow’)Criterion17.12.1923 – 16.02.1924105
The Painted LadyVera BeringerEveryman12.01.1924 – 19.01.19248
OutcastsMay Creagh-HenryStrand13.01.19241 mat.
The StepmotherGitha SowerbyNew13.01.19241
The Immortal HourFiona Macleoud and Rutland BroughtonRegent28.01.1924 – 17.05.1924127
The Way Things HappenClemence DanceAmbassadors02.02.1924 – 29.03.192465
Not In Our Stars (adpt. M. Maurice’s novel 1923)Dorothy MassinghamWyndhams’04.02.1924 – 05.04.192472
The Fairy TaleMay EdingtonApollo06.02.1924 – 01.03.192428
Monsieur BeaucaireBooth Tarkington and Mrs E. G. SutherlandStrand23.02.1924 – 22.03.1924101
Monsieur BeaucaireBooth Tarkington and Mrs E. G. SutherlandPrince of Wales’24.03.1924 – 17.05.1925
Her Market PriceFrances NordstromLyceum17.04.1924 – 24.05.192551
By ChanceLady Violet GrevilleDaly’s05.05.19241 mat.
Before SunsetNan Marriott-WatsonAldwych20.05.19241 mat.
Two Women and a TelephoneRica Bromley-TaylorAldwych25.05.19241
Wife to a Famous Man (adpt. G. M. Sierra’s ‘La Muier Del Herde’)Mr and Mrs H. Granville-BarkerAldwych25.05.19241
In The Next RoomEleanor Robson and Harriet FordSt. Martin’s06.06.1924 – 29.11.1924202
The Rat: The Story of an Apache(‘David L’Estrange’) Constance Collier and Ivor NovelloPrince of Wales’09.06.1924 – 13.09.1924282
PunchinelloLaura WildigCourt22.06.19241
Tiger CatsMrs J.T. Grein (‘Michale Orme’)Savoy26.06.1924 – 17.07.19247 mat.
The Pleasure GardenBeatrice MayorRegent29.06.1924 – 30.06.19242 mat.
Waiting for the BusGertrude JenningsSt. Martin’s10.07.19241 mat.
A Surplus ManSylvia EarlCourt21.07.19241 mat.
Tiger CatsMrs J.T. Grein (‘Michale Orme’)Garrick11.08.1924 – 13.09.1924116
The ClaimantMrs F. E. WattsQueen’s11.09.1924 – 18.10.192444
It Happened in ArdoranAnn Stephenson and A, MacBethCourt19.10.19241
The PelicanF. Tennyson-Jesse and H.M. HarwoodAmbassadors20.10.1924 – 07.03.1925243
Bartons FollyGladys ParishCourt14.12.19241
When Knights Were BoldHarriet Jay (‘Charles Marlow’)Fortune15.12.1924 – 31.01.192579
Just MarriedAdelaide Matthews and Anne Nichols*Comdey / Queens15.12.1924 – 19.12.1925423
Pollyanna (adpt. Eleanor Porter’s nov. 1913)Catherine Chisholm CushingSt. James’18.12.1924 – 03.01.192524
The OutsiderDorothy BrandonRegent22.12.1924 – 24.01.19257
The Fairway (adpt. Of Jacques Deva’s ‘Une Fiable Femme’)Noel Scott and Auriol LeeNew04.01.19251
The FairwayAuriol LeeNew04.01.19251
MeddlersAgnes Platt and Norman OughSt. James’06.01.1925 – 10.01.19256
Camilla States Her CaseMrs R. Golding Bright (‘George Egerton’)Globe07.01.1925 – 14.02.192545
Me and My DiaryGertrude JenningsGarrick12.01.1925 – 17.01.192545
Cats ClawsGertrude JenningsNew20.01.19251 mat.
It Happened in ArdoranAnn Stephenson and A, MacBethEveryman24.12.1925 – 07.03.192513
AnyhouseF. Tennyson-JesseAmbassadors12.03.1925 – 28.03.192520
Persevering PatLynne DoyleLittle13.03.1925 – 04.04.192527
The Painted SwanEliabeth BibescoEveryman16.03.1925 – 04.04.192521
The VergeSusan GlaspellRegent29.03.1925 – 07.04.19253
The Sign in the SunVere SullivanRegent03.05.19251
Sun-UpLula VollmerVaudeville04.05.1925 – 22.08.1925233
Sun-UpLula VollmerLyric24.08.1925 – 21.11.1925
The SwallowViola TreeEveryman06.05.1925 – 09.05.19255
Educating a HusbandEdith CarterRegent11.05.1925 – 16.05.19258
Five Birds in a CageGertrude JenningsHaymarket21.05.1925 – 06.06.192521
NervesAnn StephensonCourt15.06.19251 mat.
Dear AnnElizabeth FaganAldwych23.06.19251 mat.
Lavender LadiesDaisy FisherComedy29.07.1925 – 21.11.1925156
The Man From Hong KongMrs Clifford MillsQueen’s03.06.1925 – 22.08.192524
Fires DivineRosaline RossomerScala15.09.1925 – 03.10.19257
The Moon and Sixpence (from Maugham’s novel 1919)Edith EllisNew24.08.1925 – 28.11.192575
That Which CountsShirland Quinn’ (Enid Guest)Duke of York’s04.10.19251
The Rising MoonLady Augusta GregoryRoyalty17.10.1925 – 17.11.192526
The Old AdamCicely HamiltonKingsway17.11.1925 – 16.01.192667
GlorianaGwen JohnLittle08.12.1925 – 23.12.192519
The GodlessKaren BramsonWyndhams’15.12.1925 – 17.12.19252 mat.
The Child in FlandersCicely HamiltonOld Vic21.12.1925 – 08.01.19266
Baby MineMargaret MayoApollo23.12.1925 – 07.01.192610
InheritorsSusan GlaspellEveryman28.12.1925 – 10.01.192621
The Man Who Was ThursdayMrs C. Chesterton and R. NealeEveryman20.01.1926 – 30.01.192612
Blind AlleyDorothy BrandonPlayhouse27.01.1926 – 06.02.192613
The Widow’s CruiseJoan TempleAmbassadors03.03.1926 – 08.05.192681
AshesVera, Countess CathcartPrince of Wales’15.03.1926 – 20.03.19269
The Rescue PartyPhyllis MorrisRegent28.03.19261
EnchantressK. Bramson and A. Augusta GreinGarrick07.04.1926 – 24.04.192621
The Cat’s CradleAimée and Philip StuartCriterion08.04.1926 – 21.08.1926156
TemptationGladys Hastings WaltonNew Oxford19.04.1926 – 24.04.192613
The Rescue PartyPhyllis MorrisComdey26.04.1926 – 12.06.192656
The Great LoverL. Ditrichstein, Fanny and F. HattonShaftesbury30.04.1926 – 05.06.1926442
Distinguished VillaKate O’BrienAldwych02.05.19261
The SongAdela MaddisonCourt03.05.19261 mat.
Intimate EnemiesZenia Lowinsky and N. McKinnelSavoy17.05.1926 – 29.05.192615
As We AreGertrude and M. J. LandaScala27.05.19261
BilletedF. Tennyson-Jesse and H.M. HarwoodRoyalty31.05.1926 – 26.06.193632
GraniteClemence DanceAmbassadors15.06.1926 – 07.08.192662
Down Hill(Constance Collier and Ivor Novelle) ‘David L’Estrange’*Queen’s / Princes16.06.1926 – 04.09.192694
Jiggs in CloverMargaret CoulanRegent21.06.19261
The TwinVere Sullivan and G. BrenchleyEveryman29.06.1926 – 10.07.19264
Clock o’ the RoostRida J. YoungGarrick02.07.1926 – 17.07.192618
Distinguished VillaKate O’BrienLittle12.07.1926 – 04.09.192612
A BalconyNaomi Royde-SmithEveryman25.08.1926 – 04.09.192612
Virginia’s HusbandFlorence KilpatrickComedy06.09.1926 – 02.10.192631
The Whole Town’s TalkingAnita Loos and John EmersonStrand07.09.1926 – 18.12.1926118
The Constant NymphMargaret KennedyNew14.08.1926 – 13/08.1927387
The Edge O’ BeyondRuby Miller and Roy HormanRegent23.10.1926 – 29.10.192612
ShavingsPauline Phelps and Marion ShortsApollo01.11.1926 – 20.11.192624
Yellow SandsEden and Adelaide PhilpottsHaymarket03.11.1926 – 25.02.1928612
It Is ExpedientLady Kathleen Curson-HerrickRoyalty14.11.19261
AspidistrasJoan TempleStrand05.12.19261
Christmas EveRose FylemanOld Vic20.12.1926 – 01.01.192742
When Knights Were BoldHarriet Jay (‘Charles Marlow’)Scala22.12.1926 – 15.01.192742
Daddy Long LegsJean WebsterRegent27.12.1926 – 07.01.192722
Nobody’s DaughterGeorge Paston ‘E.M. Symonds’Regent08.01.1927 – 14.01.192712
The Square PegMildred HodsonEveryman18.01.1927 – 05.02.192720
The BatMary Roberts Rinehart and Avery HopwoodRegent29.01.1927 – 04.02.192712
En PensionMrs Cyril ScottGlobe30.10.19271
The Rat: The Story of an Apache(Constance Collier and Ivor Novelle) ‘David L’Estrange’Prince of Wales’12.02.1927 – 26.03.192749
No GentlemanAimée and Philip StuartSt. Martin’s08.03.1927 – 23.-04.192758
AngelaLady Florence Evelyn BellPrnces’14.03.19271
A Hen Upon a SteepleJoan TempleGlobe23.03.1927 – 23.04.192737
Bert’s GirlElizabeth BakerCourt30.03.1927 – 16.04.192720
Abie’s Irish RoseAnne NicholsApollo11.04.1927 – 30.07.1927128
LolotteBetha N. GrahamNew06.05.19271 mat.
IshmaelElizabeth SouthwartStrand15.05.19271
The BridgeKate O’BrienArts31.05.19271
Meet the WifeLynn StarlingSt. Martin’s01.06.1927 – 10.09.1927117
Wild-Cat HettyFlorence A. KilpatrickSavoy20.06.1927 – 16.07.192731
NeverthelessSylvia BlennerhassetiArts05.07.1927 – 08.07.19274
Streaks of LightGrace FrankArts10.07.1927 – 12.07.19273
Samson and DelilahMichale Orme’ (Alix Augusta Grein)Arts17.07.1927 – 18.07.19272
The VillageVere SullivanGlobe18.07.1927 – 06.08.192724
The CageJoan TempleSavoy22.07.1927 – 20.08.192734
Cautious CampbellBrenda Girvan and Monica CosensRoyalty26.07.1927 – 13.08.192722
BilletedF. Tennyson-Jesse and H.M. HarwoodRegent03.09.1927 – 11.09.192712
I’ll Give You a RingAudrey and G. CartenGlobe25.09.19271
ScrappedAlma BrosnanArts23.09.1927 – 27.09.19275
A Wife in the HouseInglis AllenGlobe25.09.19271
The Lady-in-LawBertha MurreyWyndhams’29.09.1927 – 12.11.192754
The OutsiderDorothy BrandonRegent15.10.1927 – 21.10.19276
At Number FifteenAlma BrosnanGarrick16.10.19271
The King DecreesConstance Smedley (Mrs Armfield)Kingsway21.10.19271 mat.
The Seventh DevilConstance Smedley (Mrs Armfield) and Max ArmfieldKingsway21.10.19271 mat.
The Kingdom of GoD (adpt. Of G.M Sierra’s ‘El Reino de Dios’ 1916Mr and Mrs H. Granville-BarkerStrand26.10.1927 – 03.12.192747
Woman’s HonourSusan GlaspellArts27.10.1927 – 28.10.19272
NipperSusannah NicholsonRegent04.11.1927 – 11.11.192713
The Peaceful ThiefAudrey LucasArts06.11.1927 – 07.11.19272
He Who Gets SlapperGertrude Schurhoff and B JacksonEveryman08.11.1926 – 10.12.192734
His GraceMaie BaconGlobe27.11.19271
A Wife in the HouseInglis AllenHis Majesty’s12.12.19271
The CavemanDaisy Fisher and Harold SimpsonSavoy12.12.1927 – 17.12.19278
Out FlatMrs H. MusgraveRegent17.12.1927 – 23.12.19276
Whispering WiresKate l. McLaurinApollo19.12.1927 – 14.01.192837
CagedMrs Henry Germaine MainwaringArts21.12.19271 mat.
The Young Visitors (adpt. From Daisy Ashford 1919)Mrs George Norman and Margaret MacKenzieStrand10.01.19281
Discounted PeterMarguerite GroswaldArts14.01.1928 – 18.01.19284
JordanMargaret KennedyStrand22.01.19281
Sauce for the GanderNorma M. Mitchell and R. MedcraftLyric30.01.1928 – 21.03.192872
London PrideGladys Unger and A. Neil LyonsDrury Lane08.03.19281 mat.
Tinker, TailorPhyllis MorrisRoyalty08.03.1928 – 10.03.19284
The WayConstance MallesonArts25.03.1928 – 26.03.19282
Gentleman Prefer BlondsAnita Loos (Nou) and John EmersonPrince of Wales’02.04.1928 – 12.05.192848
The Trail of YouVere BennetQueen’s15.04.10281
Come With Me*Margaret Kennedy and Basil DeanNew19.04.1928 – 23.06.192876
For Better, For WorseMay EdgingtonArts05.05.1928 – 08.05.19284
After DeathVirginia and Frank VernonLittle14.05.1928 – 02.06.192823
The Many They BuriedKaren BramsonAmbassadors06.06.1928 – 16.06.192812
Holding Out The AppleBetty Wynne-BowerGlobe16.06.1928 – 30.06.192817
PrejudiceMercedes of AcostaArts17.06.1928 – 19.06.19283
ChanceMury Fox-DaviesStrand17.06.19281
The Comic ArtsSusan Glaspell and N. MatsonStrand24.06.1928 – 14.07.19281
Samson and the PhillistinesMichale Orme’ (Alix Augusta Grein)Little26.06.192822
My Lady’s MillEden and Adelaide PhillpottsLyric02.07.1928 – 14.07.192816
The Chinese PuzzleMarian Bower and Leon M. LionRegent07.07.1928 – 13.07.192812
ContrabandMarion W. Fawcett and N. DoonPrince’s27.07.1928 – 18.07.192826
Her Cardboard LoverValerie Wyrrgate and PG. WodehouseLyric21.08.1928 – 19.01.1929173
YellowsandsEden and Adelaide PhilpottsCourt10.09.1928 – 28.09.192824
The Constant NymphM. Kennedy and Basil DeanGarrick27.09.1928 – 10.11.192858
DeadlockMay EdgingtonComedy08.10.1928 – 20.10.192815
The l00th Chance (adpt. of her nov. 19l7)Ethel M. DeIlRegent20.10.1928 – 26.10.192812
The Workhouse WardLady Augusta GregoryArts25.10.1928 – 28.10.19284
Richmond ParkGertrude JenningsArts05.11.19281 mat.
Clara GibbingsAimee and Philip StuartVaudeville19.11.1928 – 21.01.192964
The PelicanF. Tennyson-Jesse and H. HarwoodRegent01.12.1928 – 07.12.192812
Adam’s OperaClemence DaneOld Vic03.12.1928 – 05.01.192920
Out She GoesLillian Trimble-BradleyCriterion11.12.1928 – 02.02.192962
These Pretty ThingsGertrude JenningsGarrick14.12.19281 mat.
Ag and BertMabel Constanduros and Michael HoganArts16.12.1928 – 18.12.19283
The WallflowerAudrey ScottArts28.12.1928 – 30.12.19283
The Chinese BungalowMarion Osmond and James CorbetDuke of York’s09.01.1929 – 13.04.1929109
ByronAlicia RamseyLyric22.01.1929 – 02.02.192914
Her ShopAimee and Philip StuartCriterion07.02.1929 – 04.05.192999
FameAudrey Carten and W CartenSt James’20.02.1929 – 25.05.1929108
Mafro, DarlingNaomi Royde-SmithQueen’s25.02.1929 – 02.03.19298
Red RustVirginia and Frank VernonLittle28.02.1929 – 16.02.192920
The BordererMadge Howard and L. GordonStrand28.02.1929 – 23.02.192928
The Pleasure GardenBeatrice MayorEveryman08.03.1929 – 23.03.192917
The Iron LawAimee ScottCourt10.03.19291
The MayorAdelaide PhilpottsRoyalty11.03.1929 – 23.03.192916
PorgyDorothy and D. HeywardHis Majesty’s10.06.1929 – 01.06.192961
The Way of an EagleEthel M. DellRegent13.04.1929 – 19.04.192912
Daniel DerondaLily Tobias and Lydia LewisohnPalace14.04.19291
RequitalMolly KerrEveryman23.04.1929 – 04.05.192915
MarinersClemence DaneWyndham’s29.04.1929 – 25.05.192932
The MatriarchG.B. SternRoyalty08.05.1929 – 23.11.1929229
The Black AceDorothy Brandon and N. FarsoGlobe09.05.1929 – 18.05.192910
NotorietyMrs Martha Myers and E. PageGarrick12.05.19291
Why Drag in Marriage?Audrey ScottStrand31.05.1929 – 22.06.192926
Let’s Leave it at ThatJeanne De Casalis and Colin CliveQueen’s10.06.1929 – 15.06.19298
In the Next RoomEleanor Robson and Harriet FordRegent15.06.1929 – 21.06.192912
Tower of BabelKaren BransonStrand07.07.19291
Bill of DivorcementClemence DaneSt Martin’s09.07.1929 – 07.09.192970
The TowerMary PakingtonEveryman15.07.1929 – 20.07.19297
These Pretty ThingsGertrude JenningsArts21.07.1929 – 22.07.19292
These Pretty ThingsGertrude JenningsGarrick06.08.1929 – 28.09.192962
Sun-upLula VollmerLittle13.08.1929 – 07.09.192930
ScrapsGertrude JenningsGarrick31.08.1929 – 28.09.192933
Yesterday’s HarvestGladys St John CoeApollo11.09.1929 – 05.10.192929
The Constant NymphMargaret KennedyRegent14.09.1929 – 20.09.192912
SecretsB. Bessier and May EdgingtonComedy16.09.1929 – 23.11.192979
Happy FamiliesAudrey Carten and Waveney Carten and J.RossGarrick01.10.1929 – 26.10.192930
The MotherOlive LethbridgeGlobe29.11.19291 mat.
The Helping HandGertrude JenningsPrince of Wales’03.12.19291 mat.
The Workhouse WardLady Augusta GregoryHaymarket04.12.1929 – 21.12.192922
The Love GameMrs C.A. Chesterton and Ralph NealeRegent14.02.1929 – 21.12.192914
A Warm CornerArthur Wimperis Lauri WyliePrince’s24.12.1929 – 19.07.1930238

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