Barricades at dawn

Controversy surrounding Les Mis 25th anniversary celebrations

I could be wrong, but I don’t think Cameron Mackintosh will be linking arms with Trev and the two Johns in October and singing a rousing final chorus of One Day More, as I had previously imagined.

In a rare breach of luvvie protocal, original Les Miserables director Trevor Nunn has had a good old-fashioned “go” at Cameron Mackintosh in today’s Telegraph (Trevor Nunn: I feel betrayed by the new Les Mis).

Speaking on behalf of the original creative team behind the show – Nunn, co-director John Caird and designer John Napier – Nunn reveals that they are apparently “profoundly unhappy… profoundly betrayed” at not being included in staging the “new” 25th Anniversary production, which has been “reimagined” (a bit) by James Powell and Laurence Connor.

Mark Shenton’s excellent commentary in today’s The Stage is really all you need to know on the subject, so I won’t go on.

Suffice to say that this could be one Les Mis story too many for us as we reach dangerous levels of Les Mis exhaustion (although not as tired as Nick Jonas), given Nick’s London presence at the Queen’s, the special O2 Arena concert in October AND your chance to compare and contrast as the current UK touring production starring Gareth Gates comes to the Barbican this summer.

Please God can Cameron’s right-hand man Nick Allott use some of his expert mediating and healing powers to clear this one up before celebrations are well and truly soured.

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2 thoughts on “Barricades at dawn”

    1. I’m kind of gobsmacked they haven’t aledray made a film of this, come to think of it. I suppose they were waiting to let Webber go first.It looks good! Kinda side-eying some of the casting, but what do I know? Although then I think, “Maybe I’ll just listen to my 10th anniversary CDs again.”

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