Five goes Glee with Don’t Stop

Channel Five has recruited some West End theatre big hitters for their new show Don’t Stop Believing, coming soon to Five.

Tamsin Outhwaite, a judge on Don’t Stop Believing

Tamsin Outhwaite, currently starring in Sweet Charity at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, will be a judge on the show. She will be joined by Duncan James, former member of boyband Blue and recent star of Legally Blonde at the Savoy Theatre in London. Other judges are pop star Anastacia and High School Musical choreographer Chucky Klapow.

Billed as X Factor meets Glee, the major, new live entertainment show will be fronted by Spice Girl Emma Bunton and aims to discover Britain’s greatest musical performance group.

The producers have been scouring the UK for existing and first time musical groups created by friends, colleagues, school mates or families, tapping in to the current interest in Glee.

The show is Emma Bunton’s first major presenting job following her judging duties on ITV’s Dancing on Ice.

Emma, 34, said: “Like millions of others I’m currently obsessed with musical performance groups so I am beyond excited. It’ll be an unmissable, all-singing, all-dancing spectacle.”

Alongside the main competition, the public will also be invited to join a specially created Don’t Stop Believing super group which will represent the UK on the thriving international Glee Club circuit in the USA. These auditions will be held whilst the series on air, with new members swelling the ranks every week.

The show is produced by Shine TV and GroupM Entertainment.


Free tickets to see the show live

📷 Main photo: Channel Five has recruited some West End theatre big hitters for their new show Don't Stop Believing, coming soon to Five, including Tamsin Outhwaite, Duncan James, Emma Bunton and Anastacia.

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2 thoughts on “Five goes Glee with Don’t Stop”

  1. I just could not help myself writing on this subject but as no one in the media seems to have written anything about the post show feelings I needed to get some views across to you. After lots of advertising for the new programme on Sundays Dont Stop Believing, I was very excited about watching as I love Glee type shows.

    I was very surprised by the 12 minute voting system – a lot of people I knew could not dial through in the 12 minutes. The result was strange indeed. It was advertised as a all singing and dancing show with acts who could SING AND DANCE.!!!

    Myself and alot of people I know who watched the programme, thought that the winners were very poor compared with other acts. They were not really good singers or did not dance (is this fair should they be disqualified) and their whole story seemed to stem around their sad upbringing! Plus the judges seemed to praise the group and did not give them a true critique like the other groups. It was almost as if they wanted to be easy on the group. Was it planned that they go through????

    Moving on to the other groups – DICE were the most professional (as some of the group were professionals so they would be), and STEP UP the young group were the most talented vocally and they danced and sang – which is what the show should be about RAW TALENT. They got the most cheers in the studio audience and. Watching the programme again, I still think something is amiss here, why on earth did this talented group of kids not get through, even as the wild card. Many people who I have discussed this with, thought that they should have gone through. Perhaps they did not have a good enough SOB story, cancer, care homes etc. etc…..

    How does the voting system work? There is no real details on this – but I have been told that many people tried to vote in the South East and could not get through. Is there a breakdown of votes for each region. Was the voting system working correctly??

    I know these shows can go any way with a public vote but on this occasion the result was very very strange and myself and alot of people I have spoken with will not be rushing to watch again.

    The judges seemed to accept the result but if they are professionals – it shows their “true colours”.

    Luckily dice are through and I do hope that young group STEP UP go on to better things, because if you are looking for talent then channel 5 you have made a mistake here! Bring back STEP UP…..

    Anabelle and friends…
    South East

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