What The Butler Saw Special Offer – Save £18 on tickets


Special Offer – Save £18 on tickets to What The Butler Saw
What’s the deal?
Book What the Butler Saw tickets during our special Sale and save £18.
What’s the show about?
Take one lust-crazed psychiatrist, his unfaithful wife, a naïve secretary who just can’t keep her clothes on, a blackmailing bellboy and a government inspector who’s barmier than the rest of them put together.
It all adds up to a classic British farce that radiates the rollicking ‘oo-er missus!’ vibe of a Carry On film while gleefully skewering the pomposity and hypocrisy of mid-20th century British society.
Why should I see it?
Like The Beatles and England’s World Cup win, What the Butler Saw is a classic slice of Sixties Britain that’s as fresh and uplifting today as it was in that golden decade of mini-skirts and free love.
This new production of Joe Orton’s masterful comedy features an unbeatable comic cast headed by Blackadder’s Captain Darling, Tim McInnerny, as self-serving shrink Dr Prentice.
Offering more-than-capable support is one of Britain’s best stand-ups, Omid Djalili, here plying his other trade of award-winning actor in the role of the government inspector.
Former Miss Moneypenny Samantha Bond is sensationally saucy as Prentice’s sozzled spouse, while Georgia Moffett radiates wonderfully wide-eyed innocence while spending most of the play in her scanties.
What should I do now?
Book your tickets now to see this great revival of one of modern master Joe Orton’s sharpest comedies.

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