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A round-up of reviews of  Noel Coward’s Hay FeverHoward Davies’ new production of Noel Coward’s classic comedy Hay Fever is now playing, appropriately, at the Noel Coward Theatre in London. The production stars Lindsay Duncan as Judith Bliss and Kevin R McNally as her husband David, Jeremy Northam as Richard, Olivia Colman as Myra Arundel, Sam Callis as Sandy, Freddie Fox as Simon, Jenny Galloway as Clara, Amy Morgan as Jackie and Phoebe Waller-Bridge as Sorel.

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Lindsay Duncan in Hay Fever
Lindsay Duncan in Hay Fever


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Noel Coward's Hay Fever reviews


"Howard Davies has a gift for revitalising Coward's comedies. Having put the sexuality back into Private Lives, he now visually redefines Hay Fever and pulls off the daring feat of suggesting that beneath the play's mockery of florid theatricality lies a vein of genuine emotion. It helps that he has a cast that could, as Coward said of his own 1964 revival, play the Albanian telephone directory."

"in Howard Davies’s superbly funny, sharply observant staging, with Lindsay Duncan leading a cast that brings every role to detailed life, the piece proves irresistible."

"Noel Coward’s Hay Fever is given a masterly revival by director Howard Davies and his cast. It is a play not only about the comical dreariness of the visitors but also the grotesque selfishness of the Bliss family: Mother Judith, her husband David and their 20-ish children Simon and Sorel."

"Ensemble playing of this quality will run as long as the cast are willing. The presence of U.S. producers signals the production as likely to be Broadway-bound. Gotham hasn't seen "Hay Fever" in 26 years. It has been worth the wait."

"Kevin R McNally as Judith’s irascible self-absorbed husband David, is the perfect counterpoint. Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Sorel is an ugly duckling, all gawkiness and gauchery in pink gauze the colour of Pepto-Bismol but shaping up to be quite as demanding as her mother."

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