Theatre Interviews – West End Stars

A guide to press interviews with West End actors and stars.

Here’s a handy round-up of interviews that actors and stars have given to the press, promoting their new West End shows.

From grand Dames of the theatre, to up-and-coming talent, and established West End stars, use this guide to learn more about your favourite West End stars.

Patsy Ferran, The Guardian
Patsy Ferran on pairing up with Paul Mescal in Streetcar: ‘The nerves just skyrocketed’

The actor had just a week to rehearse for A Streetcar Named Desire. Fortunately, her turn as tragic belle Blanche DuBois has audiences enchanted

Miriam Gillinson, The Guardian (20/03/2023)
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James Norton, The Observer
James Norton: ‘I’m very aware of how lucky I am’

After his amazing success in Happy Valley, James Norton is taking on another dark role, this time on stage. He talks about his lucky streak, fear of failure, grappling with fame and why cold-water swimming keeps him sane

Tim Lewis, The Observer (19/03/2023)
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Taron Egerton, The Telegraph
Kingsman star Taron Egerton: ‘I don’t think I’m the right choice for James Bond’

As he slots into the new Tetris movie, Egerton reveals how he struggles with his weight – and why Method acting is ‘indulgent nonsense’

Chris Harvey, The Telegraph (18/03/2023)
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Derek Jacobi, The Observer
Sir Derek Jacobi: ‘The sound and magic of voice are disappearing from theatre’

The acclaimed actor – who is to receive a lifetime achievement award at this year’s Olivier Awards – says the demise of repertory theatre is putting paid to the vocal prowess

Dalya Alberge, The Observer (18/03/2023)
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Patsy Ferran, The Times
Patsy Ferran on A Streetcar Named Desire: ‘It was a crazy thing to agree to’

When the actor accepted the role of Blanche DuBois opposite Paul Mescal, she had just four days to rehearse. Then she knocked the critics’ socks off

Dominic Maxwell, The Times (17/03/2023)
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Thalissa Teixeira, The Guardian
‘I’m no white man in a toga’: Thalissa Teixeira on having a stab at Brutus

The actor, better known as a TV cop, is portraying Julius Caesar’s assassin in a first for the RSC. She reveals why she’s been studying revolutionaries, from Mexican Zapatistas to Welsh nationalists

David Jays, The Guardian (13/03/2023)
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More about Thalissa Teixeira
Sophie Okonedo, The Observer
Sophie Okonedo: ‘I’m a really emotional person – I sometimes feel like all my skin is off’

The award-winning actor on taking on the challenge of Medea, her love of cycling, and playing the long game in TV’s Slow Horses

Kate Kellaway, The Observer (12/03/2023)
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James Norton, The Telegraph
‘As a culture, we’re scared of the penis’: Happy Valley’s James Norton on baring all in A Little Life

As Hanya Yanagihara’s ‘trauma porn’ novel hits the stage, cast members Norton, Omari Douglas, Luke Thompson and Zach Wyatt get set to shock

Chris Harvey, The Telegraph (10/03/2023)
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More about James Norton
Danny Lee Wynter, Esquire
Danny Lee Wynter on Writing and Staging His First Play, 'Black Superhero'

The actor and playwright discusses the joy of putting the Black queer experience on stage (and the pain of turning down ‘The Bill’)

Miranda Collinge, Esquire (09/03/2023)
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More about Danny Lee Wynter
Bukky Bakray, BBC Women's Hour
Actor, Bukky Bakray

Actor, Bukky Bakray, who at 19, became the youngest BAFTA Rising Star Award recipient as well as one of the youngest ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ nominees for her critically acclaimed performance in the film Rocks. Bukky makes her stage debut in the coming of age play Sleepova in which four Black teenage friends explore sexuality, identity, relationships and family as they head towards adulthood while struggling to maintain their friendships. Bukky joins Anita in the studio to talk about her career and the power of female friendship.

Anita Rani, BBC Women's Hour (03/03/2023)
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More about Bukky Bakray
Alison Oliver, The Independent
Alison Oliver and Lulu Raczka on Women, Beware the Devil: ‘It’s great when women are horrible’

The Conversations With Friends star and the playwright talk about bringing sex, violence and truly unpleasant women to London’s Almeida Theatre

Alice Saville, The Independent (02/03/2023)
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More about Alison Oliver
Frances Mayli McCann, The Stage
This is a sexy, dangerous retelling of Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie and Clyde the Musical veteran Frances Mayli McCann is about to open in the show for a third time, having appeared in the concert version, limited run at the Arts Theatre and now the musical at the Garrick Theatre. She speaks to Jamie Body about the show’s success and why she keeps coming back…

Jamie Body, The Stage (01/03/2023)
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Anoushka Lucas, TimeOut
Anoushka Lucas: the struggling singer-songwriter who became a theatre star by accident

Anoushka Lucas spent her twenties trying to get signed. Now a wild version of classic musical ‘Oklahoma!’ is making her a very different type of star

Andrzej Lukowski, TimeOut (28/02/2023)
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Tracy-Ann Oberman, The Sunday Times
Tracy-Ann Oberman: ‘I’ve got a real thing about trigger warnings’

The actress likes a fight, whether she’s in EastEnders or playing Shakespeare’s Shylock as a woman. She talks about antisemitism and her family’s role in the Battle of Cable Street

Kate Maltby, The Sunday Times (19/02/2023)
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Patrick Vaill, The Stage
Oklahoma!'s Patrick Vaill: ‘I sang The Farmer and the Cowman with my ass out on Broadway’

Actor Patrick Vaill has been with Daniel Fish’s ‘sexy Oklahoma!’ since its first outing at his US liberal arts college in 2007. Fifteen years of playing Jud Fry later, he tells Fergus Morgan about his journey with the character and his favourite productions

Fergus Morgan, The Stage (17/02/2023)
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More about Patrick Vaill
Ben Daniels, Metro
Ben Daniels and co-star Sophie Okonedo have a ‘deep bond’: ‘She thought we’d marry, but didn’t know I’m gay’

Superb actors they may be, but Sophie Okonedo and Ben Daniels are really challenging themselves playing Greek tragedy’s most toxic couple, Medea and Jason, in a new West End production – for in real life the stars are the very closest of friends.

Hugh Montgomery, Metro (16/02/2023)
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More about Ben Daniels
Aimee Lou Wood, The Observer
Aimee Lou Wood: ‘I am a wrecking ball of emotion’

Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood’s emotions simmer just below the surface. And it’s exactly this quality that makes her such a luminous actor. She opens up about bullying, bodies and playing Cabaret’s Sally Bowles

Eva Wiseman, The Observer (12/02/2023)
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More about Aimee Lou Wood
Sophie Okonedo, The Times
Sophie Okonedo: ‘I couldn’t have played Medea younger than this’

The actress talks about taking on the legendary role on stage, the shift that comes with the menopause and why she’s no longer bothered about work

Dominic Maxwell, The Times (11/02/2023)
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More about Sophie Okonedo
Beverley Knight, The Times
Beverley Knight: ‘With Sylvia we had a diamond of a show. It just needed honing’

The pop singer is reprising her role as the suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst in a new version of the hip-hop musical

John Bungey, The Times (09/02/2023)
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Beverley Knight, The Telegraph
‘Churchill was on the wrong side of this issue’: the Suffragette story gets a hip-hop spin

Creator Kate Prince and star Beverley Knight on how their new Sylvia Pankhurst musical will resonate in the age of Brexit

Helen Brown, The Telegraph (07/02/2023)
The interview
More about Beverley Knight
Sarah Parish, The Observer
Sarah Parish: ‘I do get cast as a lot of killers​, a lot of tough women​’

The actor from Industry, W1A and Mistresses on her return to the theatre, her habit of breaking bones and seeing her husband as Prince Andrew

Tim Lewis, The Observer (05/02/2023)
The interview
More about Sarah Parish
Emma Corrin, Elle
Being Emma Corrin

How do you go from anonymity to being one of the UK’s most-watched stars in the span of three whirlwind years? Kenya Hunt discovers an actor unafraid to challenge convention, on the screen or stage.

Kenya Hunt, Elle (02/02/2023)
The interview
More about Emma Corrin
Eddie Redmayne, i News
Eddie Redmayne: ‘Cabaret was the greatest experience of my career. But it took a toll'

As he releases the soundtrack to the West End show, the actor looks back on his musical roots, clown school, and how his career affects his parenting

Elisa Bray, i News (28/01/2023)
The interview
More about Eddie Redmayne
Jenna Coleman & Aidan Turner, The Guardian
‘I told my gran: You don’t touch Aidan’s hair!’ Jenna Coleman and Aidan Turner on friendship and their daring new play

Having starred in some of Britain’s biggest TV shows, the pair are taking to the stage for Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons, a minimalist two-hander where words are strictly rationed. And they can’t stop talking about it

Kate Wyver, The Guardian (28/01/2023)
The interview
More about Jenna Coleman & Aidan Turner
Felicity Kendal, The Sunday Times
Felicity Kendal: ‘Do I care what I look like at 76? Not really’

The actress on love, Botox and The Good Life

Danny Scott, The Sunday Times (25/01/2023)
The interview
More about Felicity Kendal
Patricia Hodge, The Times
Patricia Hodge: I went from critical care to on stage in weeks

Her forte is playing strong women — after falling ill at 76, the actress demonstrated why. By Andrew Billen

Andrew Billen, The Times (23/01/2023)
The interview
More about Patricia Hodge
Alex Kingston, The Sunday Times
Alex Kingston: I don’t have a filter

The Doctor Who actress and star of The Tempest can’t help speaking her mind — on everything from ageing to motherhood

Stephen Armstrong, The Sunday Times (22/01/2023)
The interview
More about Alex Kingston
David Harewood, The Times
David Harewood: ‘My Instagram feed has become a mental health hub'

David Harewood is a famous actor, but when he’s stopped in the street it’s because he’s lifted the taboo on mental illness – not least his own psychotic breakdown. He talks to Rachel Sylvester and Alice Thomson

Rachel Sylvester , Alice Thomson, The Times (21/01/2023)
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More about David Harewood
Matthew Modine, The Guardian
Matthew Modine: ‘It’s fascinating watching the sack of flesh I live in showing signs of wear’

The actor on painful memories, wanting to read Dante’s Inferno in Italian, and why Trump and Putin are the same person

Rosanna Greenstreet, The Guardian (21/01/2023)
The interview
More about Matthew Modine
Cheryl, The Independent
‘I had people stalking me – it was unbearable’: Cheryl on her ‘perfect storm’ of fame, Sarah Harding, and her West End debut

As she prepares to take on ‘2:22 A Ghost Story’, the pop star and ‘X Factor’ judge talks to Nick Levine about loss, music and Simon Cowell

Nick Levine, The Independent (21/01/2023)
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More about Cheryl
Amanda Abbington, The Evening Standard
Amanda Abbington on her West End show The Unfriend: “I’m very polite, unless I’m in the car on my own”

The actress is appearing in Stephen Moffat’s first play, a deliciously wicked look at why politeness isn’t always the best policy

Nancy Durrant, The Evening Standard (20/01/2023)
The interview
More about Amanda Abbington
Reece Shearsmith, The Stage
Reece Shearsmith – “There’s a lot of snobbery around comedy”

As well as creating and starring in some of TV’s most deliciously dark and daring comedies, the League of Gentlemen’s Reece Shearsmith has established himself in the West End. As hit comedy The Unfriend prepares to move to London’s Criterion Theatre, the actor talks to Natasha Tripney about his successes, his Shakespearean ambitions and returning to theatre

Natasha Tripney, The Stage (19/01/2023)
The interview
More about Reece Shearsmith
Amanda Abbington, The Sunday Times
Amanda Abbington and her fiancé: ‘Nearly dying teaches you about living’

The Sherlock actress and her partner Jonathan Goodwin, a former stuntman, on his life-changing accident

Danny Scott, The Sunday Times (18/01/2023)
The interview
More about Amanda Abbington
Amanda Abbington, The Evening Standard
Amanda Abbington on her West End show The Unfriend, getting angry over women’s rights – and her amazing fiancé

The actress is appearing in Stephen Moffat’s first play, a deliciously wicked look at why politeness isn’t always the best policy

Nancy Durrant, The Evening Standard (18/01/2023)
The interview
More about Amanda Abbington
Liz Kingsman, TimeOut
Liz Kingsman: the reluctant comedy phenomenon.

Her genius one-woman show, er, ‘One Woman Show’ is the hottest ticket of the year. But Liz Kingsman absolutely does not want to be a superstar

Andrzej Lukowski, TimeOut (16/12/2022)
The interview
More about Liz Kingsman
Paul Mescal, Financial Times
The quiet magnetism of Paul Mescal

The Irish actor on modern masculinity, taking on Marlon Brando – and mortgages

Beatrice Hodgkin, Financial Times (16/12/2022)
The interview
More about Paul Mescal
Danielle de Niese, The Times
Danielle de Niese — can ENO’s guardian angel save the company?

The singer starring in It’s a Wonderful Life talks about the impact of subsidy cuts on the English National Opera and Glyndebourne

Neil Fisher, The Times (29/11/2022)
The interview
More about Danielle de Niese
Emma Corrin, The Guardian
‘It’s relatable’ … The Crown’s Emma Corrin on playing gender-swapping, time-travelling Orlando

The actor and the director Michael Grandage talk about how relevant their staging of Virginia Woolf’s classic work of gender fluidity feels – and remember their own queer battles

Claire Armitstead, The Guardian (15/11/2022)
The interview
More about Emma Corrin
Les Dennis, Daily Mail
Why Les Miserable is having the last laugh: Now starring in the Only Fools musical, Les Dennis reveals how his career's weathered heartbreak and tragedy (with a little help from his bare bottom)
Cole Morton, Daily Mail (18/11/2022)
The interview
More about Les Dennis
Zachary Quinto, The Independent
Zachary Quinto: ‘There’s a tremendous fear around openly gay men in our industry’

The Star Trek actor talks to Louis Chilton about the ‘provocateur’ Ryan Murphy, how TV has damaged debate, and why he thinks democracy may not survive

Louis Chilton, The Independent (16/11/2022)
The interview
More about Zachary Quinto
Zachary Quinto, The Guardian
Zachary Quinto: ‘I have lost a certain faith in America’s system’

The Star Trek actor is making his West End debut in a play about the 1968 US TV political debates between Gore Vidal and William F Buckley. But he fears the pair’s fiery exchanges may be partly to blame for today’s polarised politics

Kate Wyver, The Guardian (11/11/2022)
The interview
More about Zachary Quinto

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