Death and the Maiden starring Thandie Newton – Round-up of Reviews

A round-up of reviews for Death and the Maiden at the Harold Pinter Theatre starring British film actress Thandie Newton (Crash), in a strictly limited run of Ariel Dorfman’s explosive drama, directed by Jeremy Herrin.

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Thandie Newton in Death and the Maiden
Thandie Newton in Death and the Maiden


Average rating score for this production


"It is a thoroughly well-acted evening, even if nothing can quite recapture the shock of first seeing this play in the claustrophobic Theatre Upstairs and even if Ariel Dorfman's play now seems almost too ingeniously wrought for so complex a subject."

"Unfortunately the Hollywood actress Thandie Newton almost entirely misses the flayed intensity, horror and exhilaration that Juliet Stevenson brought to central character 20 years ago. Indeed this strikes me as a classic case of the dangers of star casting."

"The play itself packs a punch. Dorfman asks us to ponder the effects of persecution and the nature of legal process. There's a satisfying ambiguity. But the moral trap into which it manoeuvres us doesn't feel as tight as it should."

"neither sufficientlytense nor emotionally disorienting, this is not the first-rate revival the occasion deserved."

"This is a production which manages to manipulate our sympathies and if it doesn't quite pulsate with the terrifying emotional intensity that I remember from the original, the play is a fitting opener for the newly-renamed Harold Pinter Theatre - powerful, unsettling, ambiguous and refusing to give any neat answers."

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