The Flying Karamazov Brothers at the Vaudeville Theatre – Round-up of Reviews

A round-up of reviews of The Flying Karamazov Brothers at the Vaudeville Theatre.

The Flying Karamazov Brothers
The Flying Karamazov Brothers

They don’t fly, they’re not Russian and they’re not brothers! But The Flying Karamazov Brothers continue to take the world by storm with their hilarious and breathtaking entertainment show of music, comedy, acrobatics, dance and juggling.

See a round-up of The Flying Karamazov Brothers reviews, below.


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Average rating score for this production


“While this much-travelled American troupe is likable, dexterous and inventive, I feel that 100 minutes of them is rather too much of a good thing.”

“When the Karamazovs get into a jazzy juggling groove, introducing variations and improvisations as the Indian clubs fly across the stage, they are irresistible.”

“The banter seems both dated and twee, the come-ons to the audience – and a targeted lady in the front row – impertinent bordering on distasteful."

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