The Book of Mormon musical by South Park creators West End bound?

It’s their first Broadway musical and it’s a smash! South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have written an hilarious new musical about a pair of teenage Mormon boys sent on a mission to a dangerous part of Uganda to spread the word. The show is written with Tony Award-winning Avenue Q writer Robert Lopez and is a riot of song and dance numbers mixed with profanity and outrage!

But far from offending, The Book of Mormon is being embraced by all – including Mormons, and Trey reveals to the Times today that he hopes to bring the show to London as well as tour the US.

Heavily praised last week by the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, who said that the show is “so good it makes me f**king angry”, it manages to be mocking, outrageous and satirical but is also well researched, humane and surprisingly moral.


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  • Show: The Book of Mormon
  • Written by: Trey Parker, Matt Stone
  • First premiered: Eugene O’Neill Theatre, New York
  • Director: Trevy Parker, Casey Nicholaw
  • London Theatre: TBC
  • Date: TBC
Source: The Times (16/03/11)

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9 thoughts on “The Book of Mormon musical by South Park creators West End bound?”

  1. Listening to the soundtrack I did find myself running to Wikipedia every other lyric to find out what certain references meant and, for example, the ban on coloured members till 1976. A joke that again might not translate from just the lyric itself.

    I mean ffs Spamalot changed rather drastically from Broadway to West End and more so when it toured. The Wont Succeed on Broadway without any Jews song became a rather less intelligent joke about not succeeding without a celeb. If West End directors believe their audiences are incapable of understanding that Broadway is run by Jewish producers etc how the hell do you expect the totally alien theocracy of Mormonism to work?

    I hope it does transfer over but unless Mitt Romney explains the ins and outs of Mormonism on the beeb I think the show would have to water down on the Mormonisms and hype up the general religious jokes.

  2. This NEEDS to come to the West End as I am a massive Trey Parker and Matt Stone fan but couldn’t make it to see the show in NYC, which absolutely breaks my heart. It would be a dream to see it here.

  3. @Jambut: For what it’s worth, most Americans (like me, a non-practicing Catholic) aren’t very familiar with Mormon beliefs, either. Although I’ve had a couple of Mormon friends over the years, they never tried to convert me to their religion, so I never got to know much about their beliefs. The most I’ve known is that the real Mormons…not the cult(s) that call themselves Mormon…don’t practice polygamy anymore, and a lot of ’em live in Utah.

    Bottom line: You don’t need to know much about Mormons to understand or enjoy this show. Just sit back, relax, and have an open mind when you see it (or at least listen to the cast recording). That’s really all you need, seriously. 🙂

  4. I have heard the cd a thousand times and I piddle miself laughing every time, I’m so english urinate strong tetley tea and its translated just fine.

    Also mister website owner… this is *NOT* South Park or anything to do with it apart being written by the same chaps, call it ‘The book of Mormon’ as it should be.

    Also anyone who hasn’t seen or heard it, you must!!! oh how you will laugh 🙂

  5. your an idoiot, it can be understood as a satirical take on all branches of religion and how truth and myth can be changed and distorted.
    alternatively you could spend 5 mins on wikipedia and gain all you need to know about mormonism. you have a very narrow view. what about les mis im sure not many Americans or Britons really know much about the june Rebellion of 1832 (not french revolution) but people still throughly enjoy it and understand the storyline.

  6. Im from the UK, I know what a mormon is. Although granted i dont know the ins and outs….
    but i dont know much about the french revolution and i love les mis….
    and I dont know about much about political leader Eva Perón… but i love Evita….

    The show does a good job of both describing the true mormon beliefs, without twisting them… before it starts to ‘alter’ them… It creates a well informed audience, which allows them to easily separate fact from fiction.

    I think this show would be very well received by a UK audience…

    We need a funny show, Both Avenue Q and Spamalot have finished now…

    1. Total rubbish Jambut! I’m English and ordered the CD the moment it became available as I love South Park and was very intrigued to see what they had done. It’s now my favourite show! It’s hilarious and I can’t wait to see it in London! As the others have said, you don’t actually need to know anything about Mormonism beforehand, however most people do know something already anyway (especially if you’re a south park fan haha!). The show is also an affectionate ribbing of religion in general. I for one am extremely happy that it will most probably be coming to the West End! 😀

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