London Theatre for Dads and Grandads

West End shows for Dad or Grandad’s Birthday in London

Help to find a show that you can take your Dad or Grandad to at the theatre in London.

Men are often hard to buy for, and a trip to the London Theatre is a great gift for the Dad or Grandad in your life.

This post obviously makes huge assumptions about what men like to watch in the theatre, and there’s no room here for camp musicals or female-starring weepies. Which we know if wrong, and we urge you to check these shows out too.

But for the sake of narrowing things down, the list below makes a start in giving you some inspiration for planning a birthday or special occasion for your father or grandfather. And we’ve thrown a few wild cards in there to keep things nicely shaken up!

📷 Main photo: London Theatre for Dads and Grandads

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