Data: Women Playwrights in the West End: 1917 – 1960 Complete table

Table listing plays by women on the London stage from 1917 to 1960. Taken from West End Women: Women and the London stage 1918 – 1962 by Maggie B Gale. Posted with permission.



[table id=18 /]

Date: 24 January 2011
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2 thoughts on “Data: Women Playwrights in the West End: 1917 – 1960 Complete table”

  1. This is an excellent resource but it would be helpful if someone had proofed it before putting it up. Sowerbt is Sowerby, of course and Alix Augusta Grein (married to critic and producer of the Independent Stage Society, J.T.Grein) wrote as Michael Orme not Michale. Laura Wildig’s ‘Precilla and the Profligate’ should be Priscilla and the Profligate. ETC

    1. Hi Susan – Thanks for your comment – and apologies for any mistakes. We will make sure these corrections are made. As always it is great to get this kind of feedback – so anything else please let us know.

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