A round-up of reviews for Onassis starring Robert Lindsay at the Novello Theatre

Onassis proves to be a text book show for the term “mixed notices”, with Martin Sherman’s play dividing critics at the Novello Theatre.

The play has polarised critics as much the infamous Greek shipping tycoon Artistotle Onassis did in his lifetime, with reviews veering from Michael Coveney in the Independent heralding it as a “fascinating new play” to Charles Spencer in the Telegraph dubbing it an “excuse to reheat a lot of high-class scandal and rehearse a few conspiracy theories about Aristotle Onassis”.

Based on the last years of the controversial Greek tycoon, the play was originally produced as Aristo at Chichester to mixed reviews but with glowing praise for Lindsay’s performance. Sherman and director Nancy Meckler have subsequently rewritten the piece.

Read round-ups from the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Express and Variety below.

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