Royal Court Associate Designer Chloe Lamford discusses new theatre space The Site

Royal Court announce new theatre space

The Royal Court creates new temporary theatre space called The Site.

Royal Court associate designer Chloe Lamford is set to transform a workshop and rehearsal space at the back of the theatre into a new temporary theatre space.

Lamford has designed a space where language, form, the body and instructions are the materials and where both artists and audiences are invited to rethink how we create, present, and watch plays.

The project is an experiment in design, collaboration and process with new work by writers EV Crowe, Stacey Gregg, Theresa Ikoko, Nathaniel Martello-White and Deborah Pearson.

Chloe Lamford comments in the above video;

“The usual roles in theatre are quite clearly defined; the writer writes a play, a director would then take the play on and then a theatre designer would visualise and create the play from that series of conversations. This time around we’re making a space and then we’re having conversations with five writers in response to this space that we’re making. Each writer is responding to the space in a different way.”

Tickets are now on-sale for Royal Court Theatre’s temporary theatre space The Site.

👤 📅11 April 2017
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📷 Main photo: Royal Court Associate Designer Chloe Lamford

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