The Wizard of Oz tickets at the London Palladium

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The Wizard of Oz at the London Palladium

The Wizard of OzAndrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of The Wizard of Oz starring Over The Rainbow winner Danielle Hope as Dorothy, Michael Crawford and Hannah Waddingham.

The show will start performances on 7 February 2011 at the London Palladium.

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Lord Webber is producing the show, following his search for a Dorothy in BBC One’s Over The Rainbow. His company owns the London Palladium alongside a number of theatres in London including the Adelphi, where his follow-up to The Phantom of the Opera, Love Never Dies, is currently playing.

The first stage version of L Frank Baum’s classic book was in 1902 starring Anna Laughlin. The 1939 MGM film starring Judy Garland is the most famous version of the show, and was adapted into a stage musical in 1945 by Frank Gabrielson for the St. Louis Municipal Opera. In 1987 the RSC produced a new stage musical version which was much closer to the film, and starred Imelda Staunton as Dorothy, who was nominated for an Olivier award for Outstanding Performance of the Year by an Actress in a Musical.

Andrew Lloyd Webber will look to add some new songs to the stage show: “The film worked fantastically but we need some new songs for the stage show”, said Lloyd Webber.

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41 thoughts on “The Wizard of Oz tickets at the London Palladium”

  1. I really dislike Glinda’s “look.” The dress is pretty but I hate her headdress/face glitter… if they’re going to go for Wizard of Oz they should’ve done an outfit that was big and light pink!

  2. They ruin it with the rough American accents. It’s supposed to have in many places a cheerful English air.

  3. defygravity1998

    Anyone know where i can find a video of them (or their replacement cast) doing jitterbug! i’ve looked fo ra while and am having a hard time finding it!

  4. everytime i watch this show, i feel like im watching a big lie…Thanks Wicked for opening my eyes…

  5. everytime i watch this show, i feel like im watching a big lie…Thanks Wicked for opening my eyes…

  6. papaknowsbest16

    My thoughts exactly. Though I will say that there’s nothing like the excitement in the room at a high school production when the girl playing the witch rides the bike across the stage.

  7. BagOfSticksFork

    yeah. i love wizard of oz the film but the musical is a bit too….i dont know i just prefer the film

  8. papaknowsbest16

    This production doesn’t help by using the ideas from Wicked as a pattern in an effort to cash in on it. It’s too bad that they would rather make a version for the moment than put in the effort to do something really great.

  9. I loved the show I’m only 8 years old and I would do anything for you I it was bday yesteday so my mom took me to royal circle. And please tell the puppy well done

  10. The Harrington - London Serviced Apartments and Residences

    A taste of The Wizard of Oz at the London Palladium – one of many events
    detailed on our Events page. Have you seen the Wizard of Ozz on stage ?
    What did you think of it ?

  11. HowBrightWeShineDude

    this looks like a brilliant showi love hannah!!!! one small complaint
    though :/ the ensemble costumes aren’t as elaborate as their wicked
    counterparts… (please no rants, just stating an opinion and yes, i know
    they’re two different interpretations of oz, i’m just saying compared to
    other musicals, they just dont meet the standard)

  12. Me and my hubby went to watch this show on Thursday and really really
    enjoyed it. Fantastic set and the wicked witch is hilarious. We had seats
    in the royal circle, the best seats I’ve ever sat in, just perfect for
    viewing the stage. I could not recommend it more:)

  13. I watched it today with my school chestnuts primary school I was sitting in
    the upper circle right in the middle

  14. @MusicalsFan15 But the costumes are more similar to the Wicked costumes
    than to the costumes in the film or any other production of The Wizard of
    OZ, especially the Witches costumes. If they’re gonna take inspiration for
    costumes it should be from previous versions of this story not its side

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