Gareth Gates opens tonight in Joseph

Joseph – Adelphi Theatre – BOOK NOW AND SAVE £16.50 PER TICKET

Tonight sees Gareth Gates, runner-up of Britain’s first X-Factor-style show “Pop Idol”, open in the title role of Joseph at the Adelphi Theatre in London’s West End.

Gates, who follows Lee Mead, winner of last year’s BBC talent show Any Dream Will Do, as Joseph,said recently that “I have a lot to thank Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for as it is the reason I first started singing, after being chosen to play the lead in a school production when I was eight years old. Ever since then it’s been a dream of mine to appear in a West End musical. I am really honoured to be appearing at the Adelphi, stepping into that famous coat and really can’t wait to get stuck in!”

Gareth Gates has had four number one singles in the UK and sold a staggering 3.5 million records since he found fame in 2002.

Joseph – Adelphi Theatre – BOOK NOW AND SAVE £16.50 PER TICKET

👤 📅9 February 2009

📷 Main photo: Tonight sees Gareth Gates, runner-up of Britain's first X-Factor-style show Pop Idol, opens in the title role of Joseph

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16 thoughts on “Gareth Gates opens tonight in Joseph”

  1. Adrednnan. Oh dear, it seems that some people are very hard to please! I’ve seen Gareth in Joseph and thought he was FANTASTIC. The theatre was full and he got a well deserved standing ovation!

  2. I was very disappointed. After seeing Joseph in Edinburgh, Gareth Gates and the whole musical did not live up to my expectations. The singing was poor, as was the dancing. Gareth was overly animated and couldn’t stop smiling, even throughout “Close Every Door”. The only redeeming factor was the narrator. In short, I feel the show is most probably only frequented by the parents of the school children in the choir. Furthermore, the finale saw Gates lifted so high that many of the members of the audience in the rear of the circle could not see him. The theatre staff were also very rude.

  3. We loved the cast. Led by Gareth and the narrator, they interracted beautifully between themselves and the children on stage making it an unexpectedly fresh, intimate performance. The simplicity of the set enhanced the characters.

  4. I went to see it on friday, and thought Gareth palyed the character awesomly. I saw the saw ages ago with Darren Day in it (Not so good. Was great to see the show with a wonderful lead in it!!!! Would love to see it again!!!


  5. Went to see Garth on Wednesday, Have seen the show a few times dues to my son being in the children choir, he was great looking forward to seeing him again wed and saturday on my son’s last night ,

  6. I was there at the opening night, and the whole show was fantastic. I loved the dancing, and the fun side of the show. A little bit too much Elvis for my liking, but I thought Gareth voice was really good, I was surprised to be honest.
    Might consider going again in the summer when I am back in London.

  7. With reference to Jaycee’s post I can only think that this is when there was a problem with the mike as I know lots of people who went to opening night on Monday and came away exstatic.
    Also Gareth DID AUDITION for the role and has even said so in an interview.
    I have read rave reviews of Gareths performance on various sites and can’t wait till Friday to see the show, he was given a standing ovation and reduced the audience to tears.
    I saw him in Cinderella and also in Soho Cinders and he was brilliant in both.
    Gareth has an amazing singing voice and acting skills, so I think he will prove to be one of the best Joseph’s to date.

  8. gareth will be amazing as joseph i not seen him yet but i am soon.but i have heard gareth sing many times and he has a beautiful voice.gareth has put so much into getting ready for the role by working out so hard which deffo shows it shows dedication.i saw him in cinderella and he was brilliant acting and singing was brill so deffo be amazing as joseph.i cant wait to go myself i know this role is ideal for gareth.

  9. Jaycee you don’t know what you are talking about. I went to see Joseph last night,Gareth was brilliant, the crowd loved him, they were on their feet calling for more. not one person had a bad word to say about it. JAY

  10. In reply to Jaycee, Gareth was rehearsing on Saturday night, and they had a problem with the mike, not Gareth’s fault! His opening night was Mon 9th, and he was fabulous, his voice was perfect as they had sorted out the problem by then thank goodness!

  11. I was at Gareth’s opening night Feb 9th,he was fantastic,his voice was powerful yet beautiful. Close every door had people crying, then at the end whooping and shouting for more.Gareth had a hard act to follow in Lee, but he made the part his own,he was wonderful,can’t wait to see the show again.
    The lady in front of me said she had seen the show eighteen times ,when asked how Gareth had done she said “Fantastic” and he had brought a lot of Charisma to the show.

  12. Thanks mojo,i had also read that from the Narrator. I have read some great reviews as well.I am also convinced that a trip to london to see this will be well worth it.I did hear that saturday night that they was haveing a few problems with Gareth microphone,it wasent working right.

  13. saw some really great reviews from theatre goers who were at Gareth’s opening night ,But here is one from the shows Narrator…………

    So tonight marks Gareth’s official opening night as ‘Joseph’. He has actually already done 3 shows on Friday and Saturday last week. A bit of a surprise to audiences at the Adelphi but he was received with great acclaim and got the standing ovation he deserved.
    Gareth plays the role fantastically and really does take you on Joseph’s journey. He is naughty and mischievous, cute and funny, strong and charismatic and wears the loin cloth to perfection!!!
    He really is a fantastic Joseph and one not to miss.
    I will be performing with him tonight (Monday 9th February) normally my scheduled night off but I couldn’t miss such a special evening………

    I think that has convinced me that a trip to London’s Theatreland is gonna be well worth it.

  14. Saw Gareth on Saturday night 7 Feb. His voice is very weak & it was sometimes difficult to make out the words he was saying/singing. He’s lucky he didn’t have to go through auditioning on Any Dream Will Do, he wouldn’t have made the top 12. Disappointing.

  15. Last night Gareth was fantastic!!!! The audience loved him. Well done Gareth…..I will be coming to see the show again and again!


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