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A reviews round-up for acclaimed musical Titanic at the Charing Cross Theatre

Thom Southerland’s production of Broadway musical Titanic has sailed into the West End and unlike Show Boat, this musical is sure to be a hit with more than just the critics.

Based on actual characters aboard the greatest ship in the world, Maury Yeston (Nine, Grand Hotel) and Peter Stone’s stunning musical focuses on their hopes and aspirations.

With soaring songs, glorious chorally-inspired melodies and magnificent performances you are definitely entering goose-bump territory.

Don’t miss this fantastic production.

Titanic runs until 6 August 2016 at the Charing Cross Theatre.


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“Absolutely thrilling”

“This Broadway musical contains a tapestry of glorious chorally-inspired melodies. They create a brooding texture in which the eager anticipation for the ship’s maiden voyage is overcome by disaster as it hits an iceberg.”

“Knowing the outcome does not diminish the enduring power of the story, especially as told with the fierce dramatic and musical drive of Peter Stone’s beautifully constructed book. It brilliantly establishes the interweaving lives caught up in the story – from crew to passengers of different classes – with Yeston’s sweeping, enveloping score.”

Mark Shenton, The Stage

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STAR RATING Evening Standard

“Moving return of unsinkable tale.

“This stripped-back interpretation is overlong but it affords a vigorous and ultimately moving take on the 20th century’s most notorious maritime disaster”

Henry Hitchings, Evening Standard

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STAR RATING The Guardian

“the best piece of musical staging in London”

“Thom Southerland opens his Charing Cross tenure with his brilliantly staged revival set aboard the doomed liner”

“Southerland and Cressida Carré, as musical stager, also achieve a miracle of fluency in a modest space: the opening number, in which passengers, crew and the ship’s creators hymn “a human metropolis” is breathtaking in its physical dexterity.”
“Individuals also come into clear focus in a 20-strong cast, with standout performances from James Gant as an unflustered purser, Victoria Serra as a pregnant Irishwoman and Claire Machin as an aspirational second-class passenger”

The Guardian, Michael Billington

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STAR RATING The Daily Telegraph

“moments of magnificence”

“Thom Southerland’s direction is finely detailed and makes full use of David Woodhead’s sumptuous costumes and simple, flexible set – a set of ship railings and a moveable staircase.”

“The songs themselves sit within prime goose-bump territory, from the rousing, bittersweet “Godspeed Titanic”, which tops off a bombastic opening sequence, to the haunting “No Moon”, describing the eerie calmness just before the iceberg hits.”

“The practical elements of the ship’s demise are also cleverly handled, with gut-wrenching crunching sounds as the iceberg hits, freezing mists, and ingenious lighting by Howard Hudson.”

Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telegraph

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