Dead Sheep to tour the UK

Jonathan Maitland’s debut play, Dead Sheep, is to tour the UK following a record-breaking run at the Park Theatre.

Directed by Ian Talbot, Dead Sheep portrays the true story of how Margaret Thatcher, the most divisive Prime Minister of modern times, was brought down by her one-time friend and political soul mate Geoffrey Howe.

Using imagined dialogue to portray private scenes between the main protagonists, it recreates the events leading up to Howe’s famous 1990 speech, in which he criticised Thatcher for undermining policies on economic and monetary union in Europe, ultimately leading to her downfall and resignation.

Steve Nallon will return to the production to star as Margaret Thatcher, having portrayed her for many years on the political puppetry satire Spitting Image. Further casting to be announced.

Jonathan Maitland said, “The themes of ‘Dead Sheep’ are, uncannily, as relevant now as they were 26 years ago: a Government bitterly split over Europe, old friends at loggerheads, careers on the line and our country’s future at stake. I’m delighted – it’s a perfect recipe for drama and comedy.”

The production will tour the UK opening in Doncaster on 5 September 2016, taking in South End, Northampton, Birmingham, Shrewsbury, Cardiff, Coventry, Exeter, Eastbourne, Malvern, Guildford and ending in Bromley on 28 November 2016.

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