Jim Cartwright’s award-winning  play Raz come to London’s Trafalgar Studios.

Directed by Anthony Banks, Jim Cartwright’s Fringe First award-winning new play Raz is a rhythmic, rhyming vivid treat.

Raz runs from 22 March 2016 until 16 April 2016 at Trafalgar Studios.


Assembly Festival and Riverside Studios presents RAZ
Friday night, first thing, the tanning shop, a good nine-minute blaster!
Meet Shane, one of the low-paid generation that lives for the weekend while still living at home with his parents.
Come on the raz as he hits the town for all it’s worth – tanned, buffed and blowing his wage packet on a perfectly orchestrated evening of drinks, drugs, and girls: a weekend millionaire.
Tonight he’s in charge, living it large. On Monday, it’s back to the grind and he starts all over again.


Starring James Cartwright (History Boys and A Plan at National Theatre; Winner of Best Actor – Royal Television Society Awards for Johnny Shakespeare)


Directed by Anthony Banks (former Associate Director at the National Theatre).


★★★★ ‘A real night on the town. A large and raucous audience roared approval’ Guardian
★★★★ ‘The political passion sends a shockwave through the room. This show has real pulling-power’ Telegraph
★★★★ ‘BRILLIANT. This one proves Cartwright has still got what it takes. A demanding one-man show, skilfully executed’ Daily Mail