Reviews round-up: Escaped Alone at the Royal Court Theatre

A reviews round-up for Escaped Alone at the Royal Court Theatre.

Caryl Churchill returns to the Royal Court Theatre with this new play about four old friends and catastrophe. Directed by James Macdonald, Escaped Alone stars award-winning actresses Linda Bassett, Deborah Findlay, Kika Markham and June Watson. Caryl Churchill may not be for everyone, but it’s not everyday you have four septuagenarian actresses holding court – go see!

Escaped Alone runs until 12 March 2016 at the Royal Court Theatre.


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Average rating score for this production


‘Caryl Churchill's wry chit-chat cradles catastrophe. Linda Bassett, Kika Markham, June Watson and Deborah Findlay deliver pitch-perfect performances in Churchill’s apocalyptic conversation piece. This is Churchill at her best.'

‘Caryl Churchill's new play features great performances by four septuagenarian women, worth seeing for its outstanding performances that together summon a persuasive atmosphere of casual, everyday horror.’

‘Apocalypse now... after a good gossip. This intriguingly dense and strange play is rich and unsettling.’

‘Four oldish women sit serenely in a garden, drinking tea and chatting. Lots of idle chit-chat, lots of gossip about friends and family, lots about each other – their pasts, their fears. A menacing, joyous, brilliant return from the enigmatic Caryl Churchill.’

‘Pared down, architectural and often surprisingly amusing. It’s a pleasure seeing the stage dominated, owned, by older women.’

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