Reviews: Buyer & Cellar at the Menier Chocolate Factory

Michael Urie
Michael Urie

A reviews round-up for Buyer & Cellar starring Michael Urie at the Menier Chocolate Factory.

Barbra Streisand has a shopping mall in the basement of her Malibu home. Jonathan Tolins has turned that one amusing fact into Buyer & Cellar – a deliciously funny, spurious one-man show about a young gay out-of-work actor who goes to work in Bab’s personal shopping Mall. Starring Michael Uri, Buyer & Cellar was a hit on Broadway and is currently play the Menier Chocolate Factory from 12 March 2015 till 2 May 2015.


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“Urie gives a performance of immaculately pitched quirkiness, camply bounding around all awkwardly waving arms. He’s obviously having great fun, and it’s the sort of welcoming fun that invites us right in. This is top quality: buy now.”

“The writing bubbles with wit and invention, and the animated, charismatic Urie makes the 100-minute affair a master-class in storytelling virtuosity. He delivers the lines at an intoxicating lick, jump-cutting between the handful of personae with lightning-fast expressiveness. His husky Barbra is an affectionate caricature – lips puckering in a ghastly pout, eye-lids drooping, forever tossing back imagined hair – but he insinuates too the ordinary mortal behind the faintly monstrous mask.”

“You do not need to be a gay man with a Barbra Streisand fixation to enjoy Buyer And Cellar, but it probably helps.”

“To enjoy this one-man US import you need three things: a fetishistic fascination with Barbra Streisand, total immersion in showbiz and a love of high camp. If you possess all those qualities, you may have a good time.”

“deliciously observant below-stairs comedy “ “A satirical take on celebrity culture from the inside track”

“Barbra Streisand fans should rouse themselves from their cryogenic slumbers and get down to this über-camp confection that’s flown in from New York. “ “Urie pulls out all the stops to make every second count”

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