Production photos of Doctor Scroggy’s War at Shakespeare’s Globe.

Doctor Scroggy’s War at Shakespeare's Globe. Photo: Roy Tan

Doctor Scroggy’s War at Shakespeare’s Globe. Photo: Roy Tan

Howard Brenton presents his new play Doctor Scroggy’s War at Shakespeare’s Globe this month.

Set during the First World War, the play is about 19 year old Jack Twigg, who enlists in the London Regiment and goes on an epic journey that no one, least of all he, could imagine.

Howard Brenton and John Dove team up again at the Globe following Anne Boleyn to bring this hilarious and moving drama to the stage.

Michael Billington’s FOUR STAR review in the Guardian today said: “John Dove’s beautifully brisk production exploits Brenton’s talent for swift transitions and verbal riffs: the most extraordinary section shows men rhythmically chanting “Tea up!” at the height of an artillery barrage. I would have liked to have learned more of Gillies’s inner life, but James Garnon does a first-rate job of showing how he adopted a facade of sporty heartiness to deal with the surrounding suffering.

“Will Featherstone conveys Jack’s mix of patriotic eagerness and downright despair; Catherine Bailey as Penelope moves with equal conviction from volunteer nurse to militant pacifist and Paul Rider rightly plays Sir John French, held responsible for the disaster at Loos, from the character’s point of view. Even if Brenton’s play tackles familiar themes, it still hits you in the heart.” (READ MORE)

Photos by Roy Tan


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