Review: Fully Committed at the Menier Chocolate Factory

Reviews round-up of Fully Committed at the Menier Chocolate Factory starring Kevin Bishop

Kevin Bishop in Fully Committed at the Menier Chocolate Factory, Photo: Catherine Ashmore
Kevin Bishop in Fully Committed at the Menier Chocolate Factory, Photo: Catherine Ashmore

The reviews are in for Fully Committed at the Menier Chocolate Factory – a revival of the popular South London venue’s first ever production, to celebrate its 10th birthday.

And all critics agree that the production is a fitting tribute, with comedian and actor Kevin Bishop giving a tour-de-force performance as a put-upon Manhattan restaurant phone operator (plus a host of other characters) in this hilarious comedy.

Directed by Mark Setlock, who played Sam in the 2004 production, Fully Committed is by Becky Mode and plays at the Menier until 15 November 2014.

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"Kevin Bishop delivers a brilliantly funny tour de force, like some berserk high precision identity crisis as he does all the voices of the maniacally entitled folk who ring up – from Naomi Campell's coked up Aussie aide to the society dowager who demands, as of natural right, “first slot on the VIP Priority Waiting List”. Mark Setlock directs with the finesse of someone who played the role so well first time round."

"This is a brilliant, behind-the-scenes backstage play that affords a revealing window into a hidden world. One-man shows do not get much more populated with characters than this, and the play will obviously strike a chord with anyone who has made ends meet by working in the restaurant trade or a telephone room of any kind. But it is also an outright-hilarious comedy of finely tuned, observational humour. Bishop brings it to utterly confident comic life under the direction of its original star, Mark Setlock, who also co-created its characters."

"As Sam buzzes around the stage, negotiating the chaos of a typical shift, he reveals puckish and humane qualities that make it hard not to root for him. And although many of the other characters are slight, Bishop imbues them with either charm or a horrible vitality. The result is a thunderously funny show that doesn’t have anything startling to say but provides 70 minutes of dizzy entertainment."

"This one-man comedy about an out-of-work actor manning the reservations hotline at a fashionable Manhattan restaurant was this theatre’s first big hit just after it opened for service in 2004. There’s nothing reheated though about this revival’s tour-de-force performance from Kevin Bishop..."

Date: 11 September 2014
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