Lord of The Dance: Dangerous Games at the Playhouse Theatre

Playhouse Theatre, London

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Michael Flatley’s Lord of The Dance: Dangerous Games transfers to the Playhouse Theatre

Due to popular demand and following a stellar run at the Dominion Theatre, Michael Flatley’s Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games is back in London, transferring to the Playhouse Theatre.

Michael Flatley is the creator of international hit dance show Riverdance, and brings his extraordinary show Lord of The Dance: Dangerous Games to the Playhouse Theatre from 10 October 2015 until 24 January 2016.

Lord of the Dance is the extraordinary follow-up show to Riverdance – which is one of the world’s most well-known dance shows featuring Flatley’s hybrid of traditional Irish and contemporary dance.

This epic new staging of his original Lord of the Dance masterpiece, which had its world premiere at the London Palladium in 2014 to enormous audience acclaim and more recently at the Dominion Theatre, features an orchestra, some of the world’s greatest young dancers and performers, plus state of the art lighting and pyrotechnics.

Directed by Michael Flatley, with new music by composer Gerard Fahy, Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games is a truly epic, inspirational night at the theatre.


Based on Irish folklore, Lord of The Dance: Dangerous Games is a classic tale of Good vs. Evil, expressed through the universal language of dance. The story is of the Little Spirit, who travels through time to help the Lord of the Dance protect his people from the evil threat of Don Dorcha, the Dark Lord. As this dark power challenges our hero, the adventure draws you into a mythical universe of love, danger, and desire.


James Keegan and Morgan Comer star as the Lords Of The Dance alongside some of the world’s most outstanding young performers.

NOTE: Michael Flatley does not appear in the show.


Reviews for Lord of the Dance at the London Palladium:
★★★★ “Supremely stirring” Telegraph
More reviews from other venues:
“The unthinkable has been achieved” The Daily Mail
“Stunning” The Irish Times
“Genius!” The Times
“Fascinating, rewarding & above all entertaining” The New York Post
“A showpiece extravaganza” The Los Angeles Times
“An awesome sight” The Hollywood Reporter

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Important Notes

Michael Flatley does not appear in the show.

Venue Information

Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5DE
Nearest Tube or Train: Charing Cross (Northern line, Bakerloo line), Embankment (Northern line, Bakerloo line, District line, Circle line)
Nearest Buses: 3, 6, 9, 12, 13, 15, 23, 24, 29, 53, 77A, 88, 91, 139, 159, 176, 453

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6 thoughts on “Lord of The Dance: Dangerous Games at the Playhouse Theatre”

  1. I have never seen Lord of the Dance Live and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed with the expertise and stamina of the cast. Excellent dancing from the start and there was an amazing atmosphere in the theatre. People all around me making comments such as “What an amazing show” “Such talented dancers” “I have seen this show several times now and it is brilliant every time”. I have to say I was feeling rather proud listening to all these comments as my son is actually in the show!! But that aside it is full of energy, music and singing plus an addition of some very interesting robots. Would thoroughly recommend this show and I can’t wait to see it again. The sooner the better.

  2. Donna ... (the real one)

    Hahahaha the “Donna” in the post before is false… and I’m going to kill my colleague for using my name… you see, a work colleague of mine came to see this show a week before me and said that Mr Flatley was not in the show until the encore and I was a little confused having visited this page saying that he was “starring” in it. Another colleague then told me she’d sent in her comments about trading standards…and had put my name on it… I thought she was winding me up….. the cheeky mare! However, I’m glad to see that the website now is a little more accurate for anyone still thinking about buying these tickets.

    Whilst I was initially upset to hear that I had paid expensive tickets to see Michael Flatley perform live (one that has been on my bucket list since I was 12) only for him to be in the encore only, I was by no means disappointed at the show. Had I known when booking the tickets, I might not have justified the £85 per ticket cost to see the show and might have missed out altogether…and I’d have missed out on a really amazing show!

    The show had a whole new production, new visions and an amazing visual overhaul, however it kept the very core elements of the Lord of the Dance show that I have loved for many years, with much of the steps being exactly the same as previous versions (which I loved being able to tap my foot along…sitting still in the seat was basically impossible for me) there were new pieces in the show which brought a new edge and twist on the original story and the whole show was just…well, wow! being there, and being able to feel every beat as the dancers performed in perfect unison, so much better than simply watching it on my TV screen.

    I think I was the first to jump up cheering when Mr Flatley arrived on stage, not only as a fan getting a little over excited, but being desperate to show my appreciation for his work and presentation of this new show. The only down side was that his famous “feet of flames” part was pre-recorded and projected onto the stage. My daughter said after the show, “I like how they sped up the projection, that was funny”……I had to explain to her that it was not sped up! He really can tap that fast!! Sadly I think it was lost to her, had she seen him do it live, she’d have been utterly amazed!

    Still an amazing show was made an even more unforgettable night, when I asked a member of staff if I might be able to say Thank you personally (figured it was a long shot, but you never know) He directed me to where I *might* have been able to see Mr Flatley…… and on that note, I’ll leave you in suspense! 😛

  3. Your heading is totally misleading as is deceiving – “Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games starring Michael Flatley at the London Palladium” it is not starring Michael flatley as he only appears in the encore and this should be reported you should be reported to Trade Desciptions

    1. Hi Donna, thanks for your comment and feedback. The show is being promoted by the producers as very much Michael Flatley making his final West End stage appearances, but I take your point about our headline given that Michael only appears in certain sections of the show. We aim to provide as accurate information as possible, and have amended the headline so it is more clear. Thanks again, WestEndTheatre.com

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