Production photos of The Lightning Child at Shakespeare’s Globe.

The Lightning Child at Shakespeare's Globe

The Lightning Child at Shakespeare’s Globe

This year’s final show at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre is new musical play The Lightning Child by Ché Walker and Arthur Darvill (until 12 October 2013).

Pretty bonkers most of the time, the show takes the story of The Bacchae and mixes it up into an ancient Thebes meets modern-day London extravaganza via crossing-dressing, 1960’s moonlandings, Billy Holiday and the bacchanalian worship of Dionysus!

Brought together by the team who created The Frontline at the Globe, including director Matthew Dunster and designer Paul Wills, the show stars Moyo Akandé, Sheila Atim, Geoff Aymer, Bette Bourne, Jonathan Chambers, Tommy Coleman, Phil Cumbus, Harry Hepple, Jess Murphy, Colin Ryan, Coral Messam, Clifford Samuel, Cat Simmons, Clemmie Sveaas and Finty Williams.


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