Road Show at the Menier Chocolate Factory – Round-up of Reviews

A round-up of reviews of Road Show at the Menier Chocolate Factory.

Sondheim's Road Show at the Menier Chocolate Factory
Sondheim's Road Show at the Menier Chocolate Factory

The Menier Chocolate Factory, long associated with Stephen Sondheim, gives us the European premiere of his new musical Road Show this summer.

Road Show stars American TV and stage actor David Bedella (Jerry Springer – The Opera), Michael Jibson (Our House), Jon Robyns (Avenue Q) and Gillian Bevan (Doctors).

The production is directed and designed by the John Doyle, who returns to the show after directing its world premiere at the Public Theatre in New York in 2008.

See a round-up of reviews for Road Show, below.


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Average rating score for this production


"Musically, this is not as layered and complex as a lot of Sondheim's work, and a large portion of the lyrics, though flecked with sardonic touches, prove uncharacteristically straightforward. But there's much to admire: this may be minor Sondheim, too dense with self-quotation, yet it is performed with sparkle."

"Packing a lot into a short space, it is lyrically witty, musically rich and has the sardonic satirical appeal of the Sondheim-Weidman Assassins."

"Thanks to two powerfully engaging performances from Michael Jibson as the older, repressed Addison (who finds his talents at the same time as he gets a man) and from David Bedella as the younger, more devious, womanising Wilson, you get a palpable and poignant sense of how lives can pan out, turn sour too and thread back to earliest days and primal, unanswered needs."

"With the audience seated on either side of the stage, the sibling rivalry is wittily italicised. With the black-garbed tribunal-like chorus erupting into everything from Hawaiian dancers to pom-pom-waving real eastate fraud dupes, the production has terrific drive, bite and buoyancy."

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