Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast reviews – London Palladium 2022 ★★★

Reviews are in for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the London Palladium.

Twenty-five years after its Olivier Award-winning West End debut, members of the original creative team have reunited on this new production featuring all of the spellbinding songs of Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice including Belle, Gaston, Be Our Guest and, of course, Beauty and the Beast.

This beloved ‘tale as old as time’ has been brought to life on stage like never before, with all the charm and elegance audiences expect from Belle and her Beast.

Starring Courtney Stapleton (Belle) and Shaq Taylor (Beast) the show has notable performances from Gavin Lee (Lumiere), Tom Senior (Gaston), Sam Bailey (Mrs Potts), Nigel Richards (Cogsworth), Martin Ball (Maurice), Samantha Bingley (Wardrobe), Emma Caffrey (Babette) and Louis Stockil (Le Fou) .

Featuring exhilarating choreography, show-stopping numbers and astonishing visual effects, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast promises an unforgettable theatrical experience.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is booking until 17 September 2022 at the London Palladium.

Read a round-up of reviews for Beauty and the Beast below.

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Disney's Beauty and the Beast reviews

The Times

"An all-singing, all-dancing piece of the Disney brand"

"Spectacle wins out over storytelling in this extravagant, exuberantly played revival of a Disney show"

"The highlight of the evening is Be My Guest, a number so catchy and so lavishly staged that it barely matters what show it arrives in the middle of. The director and choreographer Matt West celebrates musical theatre with every tool at his disposal: cartwheels, tap dancing, chorus lines, a pink sparkling curtain, synchronised moves worthy of the Ziegfeld Follies. "

Dominic Maxwell, The Times
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The Evening Standard

"An extravagant, memorable update on a tale that’s as old as time, but as exhilarating as ever."

"Director Matt West throws the kitchen sink at ‘Be Our Guest’, which becomes a Hollywood Golden Age-style tapdancing extravaganza, full of highkicking ‘plates’ and giant champagne bottles that shower the audience with streamers."

Alice Saville, The Evening Standard
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"Disney’s spectacular-looking musical is a stunning exercise in vamping for time"

"A song and dance sequence set in a tavern involving rhythmically clanking flagons and vain antagonist Gaston (Tom Senior) singing about how amazing he is was genuinely jaw-dropping. But it’s also frustratingly superfluous, a grandiose exercise in stalling for time."

"Genuinely, it is one of the most visually impressive shows I’ve ever seen: even Meyer’s painted backdrops are gorgeous, and that’s to say nothing of the woodcut-style projection of wolves, the gasp-inducing quick changes and the beautiful 3D sets, most notably the dreamy tunnel of night blossoming pink roses."

Andrzej Lukowski, TimeOut
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"A reworked production that ticks (nearly) all the boxes"

"It’s the supporting players who steal the show. Gavin Lee is a flirty Lumiere, Nigel Richards camps it up like a young Christopher Biggins as Cogsworth, and Sam Bailey is perfectly in Cockney character as Mrs. Potts. When she sings the title track it’s a lovely, lilting contrast to the fantastically OTT Busby Berkeley bombast of ‘Be Our Guest’."

Simon Button, Attitude
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