LGBTQ West End shows – Gay friendly London shows and shows with gay characters and themes

Firstly, what this isn’t. It isn’t a collection of shows that LGBTQ+ people might like, because they, we, us, them, obviously like every possible shade of theatre.

But that said, musicals and plays that tackle topics about and aligned to the LGBTQ+ experience are especially interesting to gay people; and LGBTQ+ people like to see themselves and their experiences reflected back to them from the stage, so this collection also includes shows that feature LGBTQ+ characters.

It’s an eclectic mix of West End Shows, but then, so are gay people.

Also see Kids Shows for LGBTQ+ people with children; and there’s plenty of companion themes at the “fun, glitzy, camp or high drama” end of the spectrum – which we at towers are especially prone to enjoy. Most suitable is the LGBTQ+ Night Out collection; plus The Camp Collection, Musical Epics, and Musical Comedies.

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