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VIDEO: Spider-Man to close, Julie Taymor TED Talk

November 20, 2013 

Broadway has been rocked this week with news that the $75 million musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is to close at the Foxwoods Theater in New York.

Initial director of Spider-Man, Julie Taymor, giving a TED talk on the creative process and her work

Initial director of Spider-Man, Julie Taymor, giving a TED talk on the creative process and her work

The most expensive musical in Broadway history, probably world history, will be leaving New York on 4 January 2014.

Despite packed audiences for it’s initial previews, ticket sales have declined. With running costs said to be around $1.2 million a week, and a gross last week that only touched $742,000 out of a potential $1.5 million, the show has been looking vulnerable for a while.

A new iteration of the show is being planned for Las Vegas in 2015. A much-rumoured West End opening, where producers were believed to have been searching for a large London theatre such as the Palladium or Drury Lane to host the show, now seems highly unlikely.

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark features a score by U2’s Bono and The Edge. The show started previews on 26 November 2010 but didn’t open at the Foxwoods Theatre until 14 June 2011 after a troubled preview period that saw the show’s director and co-book-writer Julie Taymor (Disney’s The Lion King) fired from the show and replaced by Philip William McKinley and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. The show was also beset by cast injuries, with six actors injured so far.

In April this year Julie Taymor settled her lawsuit with the producers of the show.

The Foxwoods Theater was bought last year by UK-based Ambassador Theatre Group, headed by Rosemary Squire and Howard Panter.



If you haven’t already seen this fascinating TED talk with Julie Taymor from 2011, it is worth a look. She talks about life on the creative edge, her work on The Lion King and Spider-Man, and the talk came just at the time when she was most under fire during Spider-Man’s production. A fascinating insight into her and the creative process.



Broadway: Book tickets to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

TED Talks

Book: “Song of Spider-Man” by Glen Berger (November 2013)

VIDEO: Reimagined Spider-Man Turn off the Dark opens on Broadway

May 14, 2011 

A new TV commercial has been launched for the “reimagined” Broadway musical Spider-Man Turn off the Dark, starring Reeve Carney and featuring music and lyrics by U2’s Bono and The Edge.

The show, which cost around $70 million – the most expensive Broadway musical ever staged, reopened on Thursday (12 May 2011) after closing for a revamp on 19 April. It has been previewing since November 2010.

Producers of the much-troubled musical parted company with the show’s original director, co-writer and visionary Julie Taymor in March, to be replaced by playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, director Philip William McKinley and choreographer Chase Brock. The new team has cleaned up the story, added more flying sequences, and Bono and The Edge have also reworked a number of the songs.

Reeve Carney stars as Peter Parker in the show. He told CBS News that the changes had been “reinvigorating” and that, “there’s an energy in the company because of having a clear direction, knowing where we’re headed and knowing that it’s going to be to a greater place.”


Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark – New TV Commercial


Book tickets to Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark at the Foxwoods Theatre in New York

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