La Strada at The Other Palace Theatre

The Other Palace Theatre, 12 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5JA


La Strada at The Other Palace Theatre.

The Other Palace present Olivier Award nominee Sally Cookson’s stage adaptation of the Fellini’s classic 1957 Academy Award winning film La Strada (The Road).

La Strada runs from 30 May 2017 until 8 June 2017 at The Other Palace Theatre.


The story of wide-eyed Gelsomina, who is sold by her penniless mother to Zampano, a travelling sideshow strongman, unfolds as they journey through the Italian countryside performing for their keep. Their perilous road trip leads them to a ragtag travelling circus where they meet Il Matto the tightrope walker who rekindles Gelsomina’s spirit with a new found confidence.


Directed by Sally Cookson with musical direction and music by Benji Bower, writer in the room will be Mike Akers, set and costume design by Katie Sykes, lighting design by Aideen Malone and sound design by Mike Beer.


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