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Sunday Times Rich List 2010 – Showbiz

The Sunday Times publishes an annual Rich List of the UK’s wealthiest people. Here we drill down to reveal the richest people in showbusiness in the UK.

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25-Edgar Bronfman and family£1,640m NewInheritance and music
8952=Lord Lloyd-Webber£700mDOWN £50mEntertainment and music
98146=Sir Cameron Mackintosh£635mUP £285mEntertainment and music
129101Joanne Rowling£519mUP £20mNovels and films
145120=Sir Paul McCartney£475mUP £35mMusic
190=178=Simon Fuller£350mUP £50mEntertainment and music
272=238=Mark Burnett and Roma Downey£240mUP £5mTelevision
336=297=Sir Mick Jagger£190m-Music
346=322=Nigel and Trevor Green£189mUP £14mFilms
348=322=Sir Elton John£185mUP £10mMusic
354=510=Arpad Busson and Uma Thurman£180mUP £75mFinance and films
371=322=Keith Richards£175m-Music
371=333=Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas£175mUP £5mFilms
398=438=Simon Cowell£165mUP £45mMusic
41=28=Clive Calder£1,300m -Music
431=406=Jamie Palumbo£150mUP £20mEntertainment
472=388=Sir Tim Rice£140m-Music
472=438=Ringo Starr£140mUP £20mMusic
486=406=Sir Tom Jones£135mUP £5mMusic
523=438=Eric Clapton£125mUP £5mMusic
540=600=Roger Ames£120mUP £30mMusic
596=492=Robert Bourne and Sally Greene£110m-Property and theatre
596=492=Barry and Robin Gibb£110m-Music
596=510=Sir Ridley and Tony Scott£110mUP £5mFilms
627=503=Phil Collins£108m-Music
633=540=Rod Stewart£105mUP £5mMusic
653=540=David Bowie£100m-Music
688=600=Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne£95mUP £5mMusic and television
714=600=George Michael£90m-Music
763=657=Charlie Watts£85m-Music
763=657=Roger Waters£85m-Music
763=694=Robbie Williams£85mUP £5mMusic
808=694=Chris Blackwell£80m-Music
808=694=Sir Sean Connery£80m-Films
808=751=Judy Craymer£80mUP £5mMusic
808=751=Robert Plant£80mUP £5mMusic
861=742=David Gilmour£78m-Music
875=843=Tracey Ullman and Allan McKeown£75mUP £7mTelevision
875=793=Brian May£75mUP £5mMusic
875=793=Jimmy Page£75mUP £5mMusic
911=853=Moya Doherty and John McColgan£72mUP £5mEntertainment
923=793=Rowan Atkinson£70m-Entertainment
923=863=Roger Taylor£70mUP £5mMusic
991=986=Chris Wright£64mUP £9mMusic
1001=924=Mark Knopfler£62mUP £2mMusic
1037=1077=John Deacon£60mUP £10mMusic
1037=863=Sir Anthony Hopkins£60mDOWN £5mFilms
1037=924=Engelbert Humperdinck£60m-Music
1130=1046=Noel and Liam Gallagher£55mUP £3mMusic
1130=1077=Guy Ritchie£55mUP £5mFilms
1195=1046=Matthew Vaughn and Claudia Schiffer£52m-Films and modelling
1233=1077=Nick Mason£50m-Music
1233=1077=Van Morrison£50m-Music
1233=1077=Sir Roger Moore and Kristina Tholstrup£50m-Films
1233=1077=Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter£50m-Films
1233=1348=Sir Cliff Richard£50mUP £10mMusic
1373=1203=Sir Michael Caine£45m-Films
1373=1296=Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow£45mUP £3mMusic and films
1373=1550=John Paul Jones£45mUP £10mMusic
1470=-Dario Franchitti and Ashley Judd£42mNewMotor racing and films
1536=1348=Bernie Taupin£40m-Music
1536=1348=Pete Townshend£40m-Music
1536=1348=Hugh Grant£40m-Films
1719=1550=Jay Kay£35m-Music
1719=1550=Ken Berry£35m-Music
1719=1550=Kylie Minogue£35m-Music
1719=1550=Mick Hucknall£35m-Music
1719=1771=Gary Barlow£35mUP £5mMusic
1825=-John Giddings£32mNewMusic
1825=1673=Paul Smith and Sarah King and family£32m-Films

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17 June 2010

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