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Broken Glass Reviews Round-up starring Athony Sher and Tara Fitzgerald

A round-up of reviews for Broken Glass at the Vaudeville Theatre starring Antony Sher and Tara Fitzgerald. Iqbal Khan’s extraordinary, critically-acclaimed production of Arthur Miller’s drama transfers to the West End for a strictly limited season.

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Antony Sher and Tara Fitzgerald in Broken Glass

Antony Sher and Tara Fitzgerald in Broken Glass



The Guardian STAR RATING

“Antony Sher also gives a magnificent performance as Phillip. With his over-deliberate speech, slicked-down hair and neurotically precise movements, he shows us a man who has elevated status above passion and human feeling; yet, when he finally and angrily confronts his patronising estate-agent boss, your hear distinct echoes of Death of a Salesman.”

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The Daily Telegraph STAR RATING

“Despite Miller’s occasional clumsiness, Broken Glass is a rich and deeply-felt drama – and one that richly deserves to thrive.”

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Evening Standard STAR RATING

“Iqbal Khan’s production is not as intense as when I saw it at the more intimate Tricyle last year, but it remains taut and intelligent, and Sher is utterly compelling.”

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Daily Express STAR RATING

“If the concluding scene slips into didacticism, Miller’s message is loud and clear – that to deny who or what you are is to deny your position in the world and your common respons­ibility for “stuff” that “happens”.”

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The Independent STAR RATING

” Tara Fitzgerald strikes me as too glamorous and drily self-possessed to have accepted the marriage for so long on these humiliating terms or to capture Sylvia’s stricken confusion. As a result, for all the brooding plangency of the onstage cello solos, there’s a level of pathos unplumbed here.”

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18 September 2011

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